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    All the Ayden names and Mc names are annoying I agree. However, even being a sunday school teacher I dont hear Grace or Sophie very much at all, and Rose is one I hear almost never and would love for a middle name of a girl (honoring a great aunt)
    the only name ending in -son I like is Jason (my nephew) he is 13 and usually the one one in his classes.
    Jack is the name of a 4 year old nephew, I never heard the name anywhere until he was born, now its everywhere.
    I went to school with 6 Nicoles, it was just too confusing and too much...I like unique names but I also have sworn my whole life if I have children they will be able to find their names on things like pencils and such. I grew up with the name Jeannie (im 26) and the only other 2 I knew with my name were in their 70's (one being a great aunt i was named for.) I can not find my name on anything, and have always hated that I have to special order everything.

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    For no particular rhyme or reason, a lot of these are OK but unless they are paired with something simple and classic (i.e. boring) they tend to come off as "see how original and intelligent" we are!? Yes I do, a long with all the other Harper Jane Talulah or Henry Walter Atlas' parents out there. Simplicity is classier but thats just my opinion.

    Adelaide -just dont think its as ~amazing as people seem to think
    Atlas (on the fence)
    Eulalie ----- Im sorry but "uuh lah lee" is not atractive in French or English and I dont care for "you lay lee" either - I used to but for some reason I just dont anymore
    Lilou (Thank God I am not seeing this here because I cant imagine being a 50 yr old Lilou)
    Clotilde - not pretty in French or English
    Mireille - see below*
    Killian (any form of it)
    Mac names
    Ainsley - any of the "sley" names are too cutesy.

    My pet peeve and I admit it makes me sound snobby: any ethnic name that does not naturally come to you and then you have to beat people over the head with to pronounce is best avoided.

    I love Spanish and Italian names but I do not know the language and they sound weird rolling off the tongues of my US and French families, I would hate to berate people I know for not being able to properly pronounce Marisella or whatever because it doesnt come naturally. It drives me INSANE to hear American parents say its "ZHAN VEEEE EVVV" not "JENNA VEEV". You live in Mainstream USA, get over yourself, and be polite about it. I would feel the same towards a French parent with a kid named Kylian if they were saying "its KILL EEEE ANNE" not "KEEEL EEE AHHN" or whatever....which is why I will take my own advice when I have kids and not use names like "Ruth" because as much as I like it, the "th" sounds like "Rute" when my french family/friends say it

    Sorry long rant!
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    I am a Jessica, so I know what it was like going through school in the early 90's with half a dozen others.

    My name pet peeves:

    1. Old lady names: I've never gotten on board with naming children things like Olga, Helga, Gertrude, etc. The ones that just sound blatantly old. Obviously, there are some older names that aren't that bad (Margaret, Madeline...), but the ones that just automatically make me picture a white haired lady knitting on her porch are just out for me.

    2. Names that are so creative that they don't make sense: I get that you don't want your kid to be one of 10 Grace's or Brianna's, but names that almost look like the parents were so concerned about being unique, that they just picked the most out there name bug me.

    3. Overly creative spellings: I don't have a problem with the occasional added letter (Zoie, Kahlen, etc.), but ones that are unpronounceable and even worse to try and spell are just atrocious.

    4. Names that are blatantly not meant for people: Case and point: Kate Hudson's son "Bingham". Bingham is a name...Bing is not. Bing is an internet search engine.

    5. Names that I just don't like for random reasons: Clementine, Fiona, Emily, Britney, Harriet, Daphne, Claude...

    Just to touch on what some other have said: I'm not really fed up with the popular names, simply because where I live, I haven't come across that many. I work in an elementary school, and the only names I have more than one of are Brianna, Mia/Meya/Mya and Kyle. I only have one Grace, one Isabelle, one Lily, one Jacob. I don't have any Ella's or Olivia's, or Ava's - so those overly popular names don't seem so overused to me. I would still be okay using Ella for my child. I also only have one Aiden, and NO Jayden/Hayden/Caden/Brayden, so again, I wouldn't feel bad using the name Jayden for a child because it's not overused in my area.
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    CRE8IVE SPELLING - Kierzdyn, Klowi, Alexyss why? Your child still has the same name as other children but nobody will ever be able to spell their name correctly.

    APOSTROPHE ABUSE - E'ryn , Jane't, Ja'cari, Ti-Leigh'yah, D'aSiyahna, R'yaire why?


    ROYALTY NAMES - Princess, Princess..... Every parent thinks their baby girl is a prince/princess but naming them that is to far.

    PIPPA - Sorry but it's meaning in other countries make it ick.
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    I think that many of the classic British names are lovely for girls, but I have to agree with jenberry12 that Isabella and Sophia as well as other names such as Anna, Emma, and Catherine are way overused. As to middle names, nearly every girl I know has Elizabeth, Kate, Grace, Anne, Leigh, Rose, or Lynn as a middle name. I couldn't use ANY of those middle names for that reason!

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