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    Re: Names that bug you, or names you're sick of hearing?

    I just saw the most kre8tif spelling ever!! drumroll please........ Alycesaundra! I think that it's supposed to be a unique version of Alessandra.

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    Re: Names that bug you, or names you're sick of hearing?

    Names that are spelled incorrectly either because the parents are ignorant or, even worse, because they think it's special.
    Names with apostrophes in them. Really? What's the letter that's missing? More vowels?
    Names with thousands of vowels, all of which are silent. In this case, bring on the apostrophes!
    Silent q's. I don't know one language in which the "q" is silent. Really.
    "Thing" names. Like Chandelier. Genre.
    Brand names -- folks, nobody names their children what they wear. And people who are really classy don't wear those brands anyway. Such as Nauticaa, Porsche, and Armani. What's next? Little Jimmy Choo?
    Just plain made up names. Such as "Deja." As in deja vu?
    "Jh" instead of J. "Zh" instead of J. Just J, folks. That's what J sounds like in English.
    Names that are just mean. Klamidia. TeQuila. Shaka Zulu. Brandy on a boy.

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    Re: Names that bug you, or names you're sick of hearing?

    As a rule, I generally really don't like the surname as proper name trend, but only a couple of them really bug me: Tanner, Bailey, Sidney, Presley, and Mackenzie (et. al). I can handle the others, but those five just repel me.

    I also tend to have a lot of popular names on my list, but it's mainly their popularity that has done them in for me. Some of those I really hate, though, are Emily, Jacob, Mia, Ashley, and Caitlyn.

    Another list of names I can't stand are those which have been tainted by unpleasant people in my life, and the names themselves are too tainted with that to ever appeal to me: Melissa, Holly, Allison, Jessica, and Lauren come to mind.

    Some names that bug me just on general principle?
    Keith, Kevin, Neil, Wayne, Chad, Brad/Brandon, Tyrone, Terrance/Terry, Steve, and Kenny/Kenneth for boys
    Brandi, Misty, Dawn, Stacy, Jodi, Macy, Keri, Linda, Kim, and Barbara for girls

    And finally, Regina. Re-JEAN-ah isn't so bad, but Re-JINE-ah is awful. Ick.
    Current Favorites (in no particular order)

    Girls: Susannah, Mahalia, Cassia, Tosca, Petra, Yael, Jerusha, Jewel, Rose, Dove, Kate, and Eve
    Boys: Gideon, Gabriel, Rafael, Dominic, Benedict, Abraham, Desmond, Theodore, Tobias, Jonathan, Mordecai, and Sebastian
    Guilty Pleasures: Aurelia, Cosima, Eowyn, Neytiri, Rukia / Remy, Gryffin, Sam, Eddard, and Judah

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    Re: Names that bug you, or names you're sick of hearing?

    I agree with you. I am over the Graces. It's a perfectly beautiful name but it is so OVERUSED. I dislike Gracie even more. What irks me worse is that my best friend and cousin both have Gracies...and had them after the Grace craze began. My cousin even went so far as to name her daughter Gracie and not Grace. Both little girls are beautiful and so special, I wish they would have their own name and not be one of many in their classes growing up.

    I am also very tired of the name Breanna. My best friend growing up was Breanna. She was the only one I knew until last year when suddely I had three in my classroom. Three out of 30. And we also had an Alana and a Riana. The -ana names are my current pet peeve.

    Schools starts in three weeks. I guess then I'll know what name is going to irk me for the next year!

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    Another of my friends just had a little girl and named her Eliza.
    This is literally the fourth Eliza in the last year or two who has been born in my close circle of friends.
    Then add a little Eliza in every Supermarket/shopping centre I have been in for the past few months.
    I never thought I would get so sick of hearing a name which I used to like so much!
    mum to the lovely Harriet Katia (10) Beatrix Liv (6) and Cordelia Joyce (4) and Lionel Rafferty (1 whole year already)

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