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    Re: Names that bug you, or names you're sick of hearing?

    I agree with the -ayden names, the use of male names for female children, the god-awful creatif spelllllinnggkxys (the kxy is "silent"), and all versions of XX-son names where XX-son isn't a son of XX. Also, I want to echo the comment on the name "Jasper." I have nightmares over that horror in Texas, and it seems too fresh for Americans to have gotten past it.

    Other Names that bug me:
    Bronwyn (really, Americans??? this is not a pretty sound)
    Ophelia (she committed suicide)
    Regan/Reagan (an ungrateful, murderous daughter)
    Names ending in double-e (Rilee, Brandee, Sandee...)
    Braxton (I always wonder, did the mother think it was false labor until the baby showed up? Is this an ironic name?)

    While there are SOOOOO many Sophies/Sophias, Emmas/Ellas/Ellies/Elles, Olivias, Johns/Jacks, Williams, Henrys, etc., I think these names are popular because we value their meanings or associations, not necessarily because the parents were "lazy" or "uncreative." Who wouldn't want their daughter to have a name embodying "knowledge" or "wisdom?" Who wouldn't want their child named after an important king, or writer, or saint? Though I don't want my children to have to use a last initial throughout school to be distinguished from others in their class with the same [sounding] first name, I do remember growing up I always wanted to change my name to whatever the most popular name in my class was (Kristy, Katie, Jayme, etc.) to "fit in" better... What's impressive to me is a name that was chosen for a good reason--whether the meaning of the word itself, or an homage to a loved one (real or fictional). The only names that grate are those that sound like the parents are trying too hard.

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