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    My sister's name is Grace! But I agree, it is everywhere.. My sister even had to go by Grace L. when she was in elementary school!

    My pet peeve name is Wilhemina, but as far as names that I'm sick of hearing.. Emily and Alex. Way too many of those in the world.

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    I am tired of Isabella/Bella, Mason, Katherine/Catherine, and the Aiden/Jayden/Brayden/Caden/Kaden names as well
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    Been obsessed with names and their meanings for years

    Proud Mother of Robert Louis (Robby,3/16/05) and Lillian Rain (Lily,8/23/07)

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    Missing Baby Laura Jean (6/14/09-6/15/09)

    Mother too six furbabies Draco, Hagrid, Susan, Ginny, Dudley, and Oliver
    Also we have two fish Splish and Splash

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    Most trendy/kre8tiv names, boy names on girls, some surnames on boys or girls, and Sarah.
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    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    Ah, yes. I can relate to this thread a lot.
    My name is actually Madelynn (and I see it on here a ton. Oops..)
    I've only met another girl with my exact same name, and maybe three Madisons. My middle name is a family name, also.
    I hate all of the Aidan names.
    I swear to god, half of the girls in my school are going to end up naming their children after One Direction members.
    There are so many Hannahs, Sarahs, Abigails, Kaileys, Katies, Haileys, etc.
    Of course, kre8tiv spellings and made up names. I've met a Shaniqua at my school...
    As for boy names, John and Jordan, mostly.
    I'm not really bothered by unisex names, though.
    Literally, just watch Toddlers and Tiaras to find horrible names.
    I'm a thirteen year old writer with a name obsession.



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    I can't stand Julien and Nicolas as well as Céline and Stéphanie, because they're typicaly 80s names and there were 3 or 4 of them in class every year while growing up.

    I also am really fed up of the following names which has been way too popular for the past 5 to 10 years in France : Lucas, Enzo, Théo, Léo and Clara, Julie and Léa.

    Also, Sarahs. They're numerous every generation.

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