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    I live in Europe so my names are a bit a different:

    Marie and Sophie in the middle spot. I swear, I'm "this" close saying "of course it is" if another person tells me their daughters middle name ist Marie/ Sophie.

    The whole middle name idea was out of fashion for decades, now it's becoming fashionable again and within 10 years filler names have developed. 20% of girls with middle name get Marie or Sophie as their middle name and then there are also the third and fourth most popular middle names that are surprisingly: Maria and Sophia...

    Also: Julia. It feels like EVERY GIRL that was born between 1980 and 1995 is called Julia (it has been number 1 for about 15 years).

    And the Julia of the 90s: Hannah.

    When I met the last Hannah I thought "great, now I have to make up another nickname..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by name_walrus View Post
    I'm not a fan of the names Tiffany, Amber, or Crystal. Those names make my skin crawl - I think they're way too girly and conjure up images of pretty little twerps that you just want to swat.
    As an Amber, I know exactly what you mean. Funny, but it's always been kind of useful having a name with those associations because if someone behaves according to assumptions people have about my name, I know they're not worth my time. What's even weirder is that the cruel girls I want to swat at school (but don't!) have beautiful, wholesome names like Harriet nn Hattie, Serafina nn Sera, Mia, Victoria, Veronica, Grace and Beatrice. Really classy stuff. Obviously I couldn't use any of those names, regardless of their style.

    A name that REALLY claws and crawls into my gut is Katniss, because I read the Hunger Games series and I didn't like it. Which, by the way, tips Gale, Peeta, Cressida, Octavia and Effie off the table. Even if Katniss is a rare name, it doesn't SOUND distinctive. Do you know what I mean? Who is Katniss next to similar names like Agnes, Frances, Katherine, Katrina, Amaryllis and other names with those sounds? No one big.

    I dislike Nevaeh but I don't think it deserves all the bashing it gets.

    I don't like the name Olivia because of the way it sounds. Uuughliviah. Makes me feel a bit ill. But otherwise, I wouldn't discourage anyone from using it.

    When I see and say Jayden/Jaidon/Jaydon it feels like someone fills my stomach with a mixture of sherbet and factory-fresh neon plastic. Jaden/Jadon are more bearable spellings, and I prefer the rest of the members of the Aidan Association.

    I support the notion that generally accepted nicknames should be nicknames, not legal names. If your name is Lizzie, everyone'll assume you're Elizabeth. I don't count this for names like Anya, because it's not a common nickname for Anna in English-speaking countries. If you call yourself Abby, I would think you were Abigail.

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    I am LOVING this topic!! thank you so much for posting!

    for me I just cant take another Carol, Carole or any other form of this name! Don't get me wrong, I have a very close friend named Carole, but this name is just everywhere in every spelling possible. I used to work in a Dept. store and worked with 4 women with different variations of the name and that was in just my department alone.

    I also have to add that the names Kayla, Alex, Ashley, Jessica, Britney, Sarah, and Anna in all variations have become so common that its completely lost its appeal. These names are nice but that's as much as can be said about them

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    Olivia,Emma,Ava,Addison,Ellison,Madison,Jordan,Kylie, or classic names that once were unheard of but are trendy again. and unisex names.
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