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    everything I was thinking has been said. But seriously as a Kelly and there were 4 other Kellys in my school naming your kid an already popular name is stupid...I agree with other posters that said it's a waste of a name...And I do understand that they are hearts and souls but the question is WHY?

    Neveah- sounds so trashy and not unique at all...we get it, it's heaven spelled backwards...whoop-dee-crap
    the Aiden family
    Addison...And Addy as a over it.
    Haley, Kayley, they used to be cute but are passe now imo
    Anything from the 80's Jessica, Jenn, Katie, Heather, Nicole, Stacey, Mandy, Amanda, Ashley just retire all of those...
    and no offense to anyone with those names already...but no new baby should have to have those names

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    I'm not a fan of the names Tiffany, Amber, or Crystal. Those names make my skin crawl - I think they're way too girly and conjure up images of pretty little twerps that you just want to swat.
    Then there are a whole slew of names that I dislike to simply because I hear them over and over and over and OVER again. Names like Hannah, Kelly, Megan, Katelyn/Caitlin/(whatever other version of this overused, overspelled name), Olivia (I have a particular aversion to this name), Lindsay/Lindsey, Emma (SO MANY EMMAS MAKE IT STOP), and Katherine/Catherine (I'm sorry, but I know way too many Katies of all ages). They have just beaten into oblivion.
    The names Jennifer (nn Jenny), Courtney, and Michelle have bad connotations for me. They just bring to mind stuck up girls who bullied everyone. Seriously, can't hear Jenny without having some traumatic flashback.
    Also don't like Brittany/Britney. I don't know why, but I don't.
    For guys, I hate hate HATE the -ayden trend. Seriously, anything else than Aiden, Hayden, Jayden, Brayden would be better. ANYTHING.
    I also don't like the name John. Every John I've ever known have been putzes, and the name has been used into oblivion as well. I also have a particular dislike for Jason, Jacob, and Thomas, pretty much for the same reasons.
    I really don't like made up/misspelled names. I feel awful for the poor kids, trying to spell Angela (another name I dislike) "Anjeelah" or something like that.
    Phew. End of rant.

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    I almost forgot - I agree with everyone else about Nevaeh. It's just so...blech, is the best way to describe it.

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    So sick of Isabella/Bella...

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    Isabella for sure haha.

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