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    Cleo.. I just don't get it... it reminds me of the the psychic lady that used to have infomercials on the TV in the US

    Names that feel like they are trying too hard to be nerdy-chick. Now the unused ones that still qualify as unique and thus sufficiently hipster are ugly in my opinion, Agnes, Agatha, ... really??? I don't think it's worth it to sacrifice a beautiful name to be the coolest namer at your NY playdate. Nameberry says clunky, but cool.. i say

    I don't understand the appeal of August. I just don't think Gus is a cute nickname at ALL.. it's one letter away from Gas and sounds to me like an old plumber in a diner.

    I don't get setting your children up to have to be angels! Grace, Evangeline, Seraphina.. that's a crazy high standard and just begging to be a 2nd Grade Teacher's worst nightmare.

    I'm with the others (be it the minority): I don't understand the appeal of names that sound like you are regurgitating a tutu: Arabella, Arianna, Alessandra, Tatiana ... it could be tinkerbell's long lost sister or a victoria's secret bra.. gag me. Plus add a million fru-fru nicknames like Dot, Fifi, Coco because you are just so clever

    I'm not loving double middles especially when they are uber cutesy or flowery.. I just don't feel like it gives the child room to be whatever they want to be just like Grace or Evangeline. We all love names and have hard times choosing, but I feel like double middle names if you are in the US are a little indulgent (though I know it's different in the UK).

    And while I like Atticus and Miles in theory, I just think sometimes literary associations or high-brow music associations, etc. make you sound a little bit (or a lot bit) pretentious and again, trying too hard.. even if you just like the name.

    wow...and here I thought I was open-minded!! ops:

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    Welcoming the chance to get this off my chest: one class at a preschool here has a Swayze (girl), Donzee (boy), Colson (dad's name is NOT Cole, & boy), and Ellison (girl & even if she were a "son" dad's name isn't Ellis. ??). None of these are "family names," just names the parents thought sounded different and unique. The idea of a "-son" being a girl is bizarre to me, not being the actual son of someone with the name is I guess very outdated now, but also I just can't imagine what these kids will have to repeat throughout their lives every time they say their names to a person for the first time. There is such a thing as trying too hard!

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    I'm getting very sick of girls being called Kaylie/Kaylee/Kailee/Caylee/Kylie/Kyleight/Kayla/Kaylyn/Kayden/Kyla/Kyra/Kya/Kaycee/Katie/Kaitlin/Callie/Kali. What is WITH the sudden obsession of every variation of Kay sounds possible? Even in my graduate level class, in ONE class of sixteen students we have a Kaitlin, a Kailee, two Kristins, two Christinas, and a Kaley!

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    Four people I know just had kids. All four kids have been named Harry. Seriously :S

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    @bostonian girl: I tend to like some names people say are "outdated" or "uncool" as well. I really like the name Janice (and was almost named this myself) but many name nerds (not here, thankfully) have given me a hard time about it. I also like the name Wayne, mostly because it's kind of a family name. (lots of men on my dad's side have or have had Wayne for a middle name) I was met with "Eww!" type reactions from name nerds when I told them about Wayne.

    I also hear you on "old lady" names, especially Abigail. That has got to be the meekest, most wrinkly and most mousy name I have ever heard, and yet mombies are going gaga over it.

    @funfetti: Definitely with you on over-the-top frilly names. I recall another berry calling it "feminissima". Haha, so true! I'm also not fond of names that sound more like (and in some cases, are) birth control pills. (i.e. Yasmin, Alesse, Jolessa) There's something very unsettling about naming one's daughter after something that prevents childbirth.

    I am also so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't start gushing at names like Atticus. Same with people going bananas over Scout for a girl... the whole thing seems like a cry for wanting to look higher class than one is.

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