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    Re: Names that bug you, or names you're sick of hearing?

    This has been kinda a funny read for me. My name is Chloe, and growing up I knew NO ONE with the same name. No one knew how to say or spell it. And when I told people my name I was generally complimented. But now! I share my name with a million 2nd graders. I loved having a different name as a kid, and I still love it even though I don't like over-used names. My mother tried to defy the naming trends, and she did. But does it still count now that I'm being listed with the "over-popular/too trendy names? :]

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    Re: Names that bug you, or names you're sick of hearing?

    The name "Emily" drives me insane. Maybe it's just my generation, but I feel like I can't go to a party or enter a room of people without finding at least one "Emily." It's a pretty name, and if it wasn't so overused I would probably consider it for my own future daughter, but with its current ubiquitous state, I'll have to pass on it. I feel the same way about the "Ada"/"Ava" movement. They're overdone for me, and I can't help but think how the parents were shooting for "trendy" and ended up with "uninspired."

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    Re: Names that bug you, or names you're sick of hearing?

    Mostly I always see the appeal in names but some I just really don't like. For example:

    Leah- HATE this spelling even though I love the spelling Lea.
    Isabella/Isabelle- Just so overused.
    Lilia- So many people have used this name that I just feel like everyone is following the trend
    Elizabeth- I know, I know who could not like Elizabeth? I don't even know why I don't like it but this and Eliza/Liza annoy the heck out of me.
    Gabrielle-Reminds me to much of Isabelle.
    Alexis- Sounds like a stripper name.
    Oliver- Something about this name is bland to me.

    Those might be it.
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    Re: Names that bug you, or names you're sick of hearing?

    Yes, I can't see the appeal of the following favourites:

    I know/know of so many little babies being norn with the first 3 names.
    The final one I hear suggested quite a bit on Nameberry and it just reminds me of the word 'dismal.'
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    Re: Names that bug you, or names you're sick of hearing?

    I am so sick of Rose in the middle name spot. 2 Friends are giving birth this year and both have already picked out Rose as the MN and the first names are both in the top 15.. Boring Boring Boring! :?

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