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    A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    Please let me know what you think of our top 10-


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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    I love your first two daughters names! They perfectly balance the old classic antiquey name with out old lady syndrome!

    Agatha- I love it, but I don't think it's shed the grandma flavor yet
    Clementine- adorable!
    Dorothea- Beautiful. Dory or Thea are perfect nns, and it's a gorgeous stand alone
    Dorothy- I like it, but not as much as Dorothea
    Frances- Not a fan. I don't like any of the nns, and I know plenty of people that can't hear the difference between Francis and Frances. If it's a family name, I say use it as a middle or find a cute substitute with a similar sound, initial, or meaning. Florence, maybe?
    Imogen- Love!
    Josephine- Pretty, but doesn't have the wow factor
    Theodora- My favorite on your list. Theo, Thea, Dora, Dory, and Teddy are adorable nicknames. Again, a great stand alone
    Verity- So pretty. I also like Vera.
    Xanthe- Doesnt fit in with the rest of your list.

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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    Agatha-- I really like this name, although sadly I'm not a huge fan of the nn Aggie
    Clementine -- Big fan
    Dorothea -- I like this, but I actually like Dorothy better
    Dorothy -- I like Dorothy, Dot and Dottie are adorable nns, although I'm not 100% sure its the best fit with your other girls
    Frances -- Nice name, but falls a little short of some of your other choices IMO
    Imogen -- Again, I really like this, but I think the style is a little different than your other girls
    Josephine -- I love this name
    Theodora -- very similar thoughts to Dorothea
    Verity -- see Imogen
    Xanthe -- This was my 'almost name' so I've always been partial

    Overall, I think that Clementine and Josephine would be the best match for your other girls names who have such classic names. Second round pick would be Dorothy.

    Good luck!

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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    You have two great names for your daughters! I love them! Do they go by nicknames at all? I think that would influence my opinions on the 3rd name.

    Agatha - Not as pretty as the first two names, and I don't like the Aggie nickname.
    Clementine - Adorable name, I'm just not sure if she would get called Clem?
    Dorothea - Like, but I might prefer the more streamlined Dorothy.
    Dorothy - I like this name, and I think Dot and Dottie are very cute.
    Frances - I prefer Francesca, but again I don't like the nicknames for either name, so these names are out for me.
    Imogen - Like
    Josephine - Love it, we are considering it. This is one of my favorite names. I think it fits perfectly with the first two.
    Theodora - This is a great name, I love it.
    Verity - I don't think this fits as well, it sounds more Puritan and less British/Austen-esque to me.
    Xanthe - I don't think this fits with Eleanor and Beatrice.

    My top picks are Josephine and Theodora. I also like Catherine, Cordelia, Cecilia, Genevieve, Georgina, Georgiana, Florence, Lucy, Violet and Virginia with your first two.

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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    I think Eleanor and Beatrice are really lovely!

    Agatha - I'm afraid it still reminds me of a little old lady...or a certain author of murder mystery novels!!

    Clementine - I like it, but it runs the risk of a "fruity" nickname at school

    Dorothea- Beautiful, and matches Eleanor and Beatrice perfectly

    Dorothy - why use this instead of Dorothea? That could always be shortened to Dorothy, after all!

    Frances - Hmm. I just don't think it is quite pretty enough to go with Eleanor and Beatrice!

    Imogen - It is nice, but always reminds me of "images"

    Josephine - No. I'm sorry, I do not like it!

    Theodora- Absolutely lovely. Perfect with E. and B. And it has great nicknames : )

    Verity - I adore it! Really pretty, and flows very well with E. and B. Possible nn is "Very" - lovely!

    Xanthe - Very pretty, but I think some of the other names sort of flow better with Eleanor and Beatrice : )

    So, my favourites are
    Verity, Dorothea and Theodora.
    How about Verity Theodora, Theodora Verity or Verity Dorothea?

    Good luck! Hope I've helped : )

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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    I love Dorothy with Eleanor and Beatrice! It gives me just the same feel - a bit serious and old-fashioned, but with cute nn's and a little spunky independence.

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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    Oh, I hope you pick Dorothy! I think it's perfect with Eleanor and Beatrice, and I much prefer it to Dorothea and Theodora. Eleanor, Beatrice, and Dorothy are all underused classics. Dorothea and Theodora are more vintage than classic. I especially am not a very big Theodora fan because it loses all of Dorothy's cutest nicknames, namely Dot, Dottie, and Dolly. I dunno if it's because I have a son named Teddy or what, but I find Teddy on a boy cute and Teddy on a girl overly sweet and cutesy, so it feels infantile.

    I also like Josephine and Imogen with Eleanor and Beatrice, but I love Dorothy with them the most.
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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    These are my favorites to go with Eleanor and Beatrice:


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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    Please, please use Dorothy. Eleanor, Beatrice and Dorothy are PERFECT together!
    They have similar vibes while being totally different names.
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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    My favorites are Imogen and (off your old list, I know, Edith) and Verity (nn Vera is so sweet too and love Vera by itself). Do you have a set middle name? That might make a difference in my choices. I think I mentioned Ottilie, Odelia, Odette or Delia before as some other ideas but not sure if you saw that.

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