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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    Thank you for your reply! I thought I responded on the other board but sometimes my posts don't show up. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong! Anyway, thank you for your comments and suggestions.

    I hadn't thought of Vera as a nn for Verity and I really like it. Part of the reason we picked Eleanor was for all the great nn options. We didn't choose one from the beginning because we didn't really agree and thought we'd wait to see what fit. Turns out, she is an Eleanor! Then, we picked Beatrice not intending to use a nn and she's usually Bea and sometimes Beebee (not sure how to spell the second one;-). Our son is Reynolds (after his grandfather and great grandfather) nn Rhett. He always goes by Rhett.

    You suggested Louisa in your other post, and I LOVE it. Unfortunately, dh does not. He has come around on other names though so I'm not giving up. Ottilie and Odelia are nms and Odette is very cool but rhymes with Rhett (we love Margaret and Juliet but they're out too!). Cordelia has been on our list and although I love it, it might be a bit flowery for us. Delia is pretty but maybe because we've discussed Cordelia with each baby, it seems like a nn to me.

    We don't have a set middle name. There are a few meaningful family names we could use but I'm just not sure about them. They are Grier, Celeste, Emilia, Mary and Marie. What do you think? Would it be bad not to use a family name for a third girl when the other two do have meaningful family names? I adore Eve and Blythe. My wonderful grandfather is Joseph, so we could count Josephine as a family name I suppose or is that cheating?

    Sorry this is so long!

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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    Verity Emilia is so sweet.
    So is Theodora Grier
    Agatha Eve

    IMO it wouldn't be bad to not use a family name. You have definitely "done your duty" in using gorgeous, classic, and family oriented names. Then again, if you aren't OK with it, try searching in a different way.
    I can't explain my family tradition very well, but basically, My middle name is Mariel because my great grandmothers name was Mildred. It's gone for generations like that, and my family started doing that because they decided not all names are timeless. Another thing to do is take the meaning of one of the family names, and choose another name that matches it. And for Mary, well there are 1,001 variations, I think Nameberry even did a post on it!

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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    Some combo ideas...
    Imogen Celeste
    Vera Celeste
    Dorothy Emilia
    Theodora Grier
    Dorothea Grier
    Louisa (if your DH comes around to it) Blythe


    I think it is fine not to continue family names though I like that you choose to honor family and think it would be awesome to do so with the third girl. Josephine would count as a family name I think so maybe would work in the middle spot?

    Verity Celeste nn Vera is adorable. I also really like sasham's suggestion of Theodora Grier but think I like Dorothea Grier even more.

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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    I think Xanthe and Verity are a little out there compared to Eleanor and Beatrice.

    Clementine to me doesn't have the same wholesome feel to me.

    My top picks would be Dorothea, Imogen, Josephine, or Agatha
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    Re: A sister for Eleanor and Beatrice-

    I like Frances and Josephine the best from your list. But I like Frances with Eleanor and Beatrice better than Josephine. Good luck!
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