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Thread: Big families

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    Re: Big families

    Hello everyone! We are family of 9. We have 14yrs, 7yrs, 5yrs, 2yrs and 2m triplets. The plan was originally for 5 but obv didn't work out like that! We had our first at 16 and they kind of multiplied from there! I think the biggest challenges we've had so far have been fitting them all in the house! (Any 9+ seater car recommendations anyone?) My oldest is a great help entertaining the younger siblings while I'm busy with the triplets. I do worry that I'm not finding enough time for them with 3 babies in the house but we do our best to spend 30mins with each of them everyday... My mother/father-in-law are amazing though with the helping out. Every week they take all the kids for an evening so me and hub can have some alone time - even if it is only for a couple of hours - have to say that is keeping me sane! I haven't worked for the past 7yrs but when the triplets reach school age I'm hoping to get back into some part time work. Nice to meet you all, Elinor

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    Re: Big families

    I'm yet to have my first child, but I grew up with an older sister and a younger brother. I love big families, though, and I'd like to have about 4 children.
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    Re: Big families

    I have 3 children and 1 one the way. My oldest is a boy and I had him before I met my husband (I was 16). We have soon to be 3 girls together (7,3, newborn). So we are at 4 debating trying for a boy and that would put us at 5 kids. The kids themselves are wonderful and I love having them all the only issue is the size of our house/vehicles/cost. I dont want to have so many children that I cannot afford to let them all go to summer camp or be in dance class or whatever it is they want to do. I think we may just stop at 4. I'm sure I'll be desperate for another when my youngest goes to school though. My parents are another story. They wanted us to stop at 3! Worried we arent fanancially stable I guess.

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    Re: Big families

    I am the oldest of 4, my wife only has a brother.

    So far we have 1 child, but would like 6 in total. Who knows? I can't wait.
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