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    fashionably late but finally here!

    I'm proud to announce the birth of our first child,Oscar Eliot Young! He's 8lb 9oz and 20" long. He was due 1-11-11 but didn't arrive until the 20th. I was sure he was going to be a girl (Matilda Lenore) but he surprised me by following everyone's predictions (I carried high, etc.) Everyone here was such a big help picking a name. We could do triplet girls just from the awesome girl names in our family tree, not to mention all of the names we could come up with on our own. We were totally lost on boy's names though!

    Thanks Everyone!!

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    Re: fashionably late but finally here!

    I love the name Oscar.
    Good job momma!

    Matilda Lenore is also a stunning name.

    Best of luck with your new little boy!
    I love you as certain dark things are loved,
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    Re: fashionably late but finally here!

    Congratulations of the birth of Oscar Eliot !!

    (I presume Oscar Wilde and George Eliot are the literary inspirations for his name?)

    best wishes

    Psalm 23

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    Re: fashionably late but finally here!

    Oh, congrats on the birth of your son! Oscar Eliot is a fun and spunky name! He is the best example of an old saying: good things come to those who wait! :lol: All the best!
    All the best,

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