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Thread: Suki and Euclid

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    Suki sounds cute if pronounced "soo-kee", though ya, there's the "sucky" thing which may pose problems (better to avoid!)
    Euclid sounds kinda nerdy, if you know the math guy Euclid, but for a boy I think it's pretty intelligent

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    I don't mind Suki, prefer Sookie spelling and would prefer ideally as a nickname, but it's kind of sweet. For me the association is still more Gilmore Girls than True Blood.

    Euclid is too clunky for my taste, kind of in a category with Sloane....I wish I understood the appeal but theyre just heavy and snail-like when I say them. (Sorry if thats a horrible description!). My biggest concern would be what was already pointed out "Yukie and Sukie!" and that's a very short vowel jump from a meaner tease.

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