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    Are there names you see wearable that other people bag on? Am I desensitized?

    I keep coming across names that I think are usable...only to find they are on the nerd or un-usable lists. It kind of makes me sad! Am I just desensitized to "nerd" names?

    These are just a few examples: (the list could go on)

    "Burton" is listed as being "Prissy no matter how you spell it" When I think of Burton I think of snowboarding(hardly prissy) and artistic movies!

    "Sheldon" Is listed as being about as "far out as you can get" I knew a Sheldon and he was a cool guy. I never thought of his name as being far out there.

    "Melvin" I didn't used to like it, but now I think it has a sweet ring to it and "Vinny" is kinda cute to me

    "Oswald" I think the nickname "Ozzy" makes it awesome and I like how it sounds.

    "Elmer" This is very close to my sons name and I don't see how Elmer Fudd and Elmer's glue make it so bad. I was at the airport once and there was a little Elmer there. I almost freaked out because I thought his parents were calling him my son's name Delmer. (It would be crazy to run into someone with his name since it is so uncommon. I still think it was a great coincidence I ran into an Elmer.) I found it wearable. Plus it has the popular "el" sound and I like the nickname "Elm".

    "Edmund" and "Edwin" I don't see how they are much different from "Edward" which Twilight has made popular

    In my opinion these names aren't so bad. I don't see how "Sebastian" and "Archibald" are any "cooler"(which I have seen being used lately). To me all names have character, and unless they are something truly degrading..I don't see them as being so bad

    Sometimes it bugs me that certain names are "nerdy" until they becomes popular in a movie or a celebrity uses them.

    OR...maybe I am just getting desensitized to names. Are there any names that you see wearable that other people seem to bag on??

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    I like names like Edgar and Hector, and people turn their noses up! I think it's because I've met actual human beings with these names, so I know that it can actually be pulled off.

    I like Elmer, Edmund and Oswald. I think Grover would fit into this category too.
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    @emelis I know an Edgar too and I find it wearable as well! I also like Grover.

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    I think that out of this list Sheldon and Edmund are diffently useable and I think if you actually met anyone with any one of these names they would seem completly normal. I like Agatha which is seen to most people the same way.

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    @nelliedellie I love the sound of Agatha too! I am part Greek and I like names with Greek origins.

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