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Thread: Quad Strollers?

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    Quad Strollers?

    Anyone in the UK know where you can get a quad stroller suitable for 3 month old triplets and one 2 yr old? Thanks

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    Re: Quad Strollers?

    Most of the buggies on the market for quads in the UK seem to be only suitable for older children (they're these bizarre cart-like contraptions - see here:,-triplets-&-quads!/

    My advice would be to get a stroller for triplets and then use one of those Buggie Board things, which attach on, for your two year old, but that would be hard on her if you were out for some time (you can get the boards at Mothercare etc., although I'm not sure if I've gotten their name quite right).

    I hope you're all well,

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    Re: Quad Strollers?

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