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    Re: Name These Families

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    Re: Name These Families

    Six families live on a cul-de-sac. Name the familes and give them backstories if you feel like it.

    Family One:
    David Kenneth -Grandfather
    Elenor Marie - Grandmother
    Tara May - Mother
    Jacob Christopher - Son

    Family Two:
    Ryan Jack - Father
    Nicole Rebecca Anne - Mother
    Olivia Rae - Daughter #1
    Ryder Jack - Son
    Emma Grace - Daughter #2

    Family Three:
    Ron William - Father
    Mary Suzanne - Mother
    Jarred Scott - Son #1
    Caleb James - Son #2
    Alexandria Cadence -Daughter #1
    Hannah Joy - Daughter #2

    Family Four:
    Greg David - Father
    Amelia Caitlin - Daughter
    FeFe - Dog

    Family Five:
    Shane Thomas - Father
    Kimberly Anne - Mother
    Xavier Roy OR Peighton Rae - Expecting Baby

    Family Six:
    Leonardo Eric - Father
    Andrea Rose - Mother
    Summer Jaquleine - Daughter
    Matteo Andres - Son

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    Re: Name These Families

    1. Grandfather: Mateo Keegan 'Mat' Reed.
    Grandmother: Alicia Ariel 'Allie' Reed.
    Son: Ezekiel Tucker 'Zeke' Rogers.
    Daughter: Eden Valentina Rogers.

    2. Father: Kingston Sergio 'King' Morris.
    Mother: Josephine Lilah Morris.
    Son: Avery Ty Morris.
    Daughter: Michaela Talia Morris.
    Daughter: Erika Lia Morris.

    3. Father: Raymond Andre Sanchez.
    Mother: Danica Reagan 'Dana' Sanchez.
    Son: Andy Spencer Sanchez.
    Son: Jeffrey Donovan 'Jeff' Sanchez.
    Daughter: Paola Holly Sanchez.
    Daughter: Lizbeth Annie 'Liz' Sanchez.

    4. Father: Jared Brendan Stewart.
    Daughter: Carolina Jane 'Carol' Stewart.
    Dog: Kai.

    5. Father: Israel Shawn Collins.
    Mother: Helen Rihanna Collins.
    Expecting baby: Leo Trenton Collins OR Serena Danna Collins.

    6. Father: Roman Johnathan Edwards.
    Mother: Tatum Shayla Edwards.
    Son: Hector Sawyer Edwards.
    Daughter: Emilia Sage 'Emmy' Edwards.

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    Grandma: Kay Marianne Tarantino.
    Grandpa: River Joseph Tarantino.
    Mom: Violet Lila Tarantino.
    Son: Scott Bryan Tarantino.

    Mom: Martha May Vespucci.
    Dad: Calvin Jon Vespucci.
    Daughter: Strawberry Jillian Vespucci.
    Son: Bradley Tom Vespucci.
    Daughter: Frances Jean Vespucci.

    Mom: Claire Jill Columbus.
    Dad: Jonas Kevin Columbus.
    Son: Day Stephen Columbus.
    Son: Milo Charles Columbus.
    Daughter: Hannah Elaine Columbus.
    Daughter: Lily Beth Columbus.

    Dad: Moses Micheal Silva.
    Daughter: Adela Anise Silva.
    Dog: Jeffrey.

    Mom: Amity Bella Jackson.
    Dad: Alden Percy Jackson.
    Son: Bellamy Eisenhower Jackson.
    Daughter: Amy Nicole Jackson.

    Mom: Edwina Ann Spence.
    Dad: Irvin Edward Spence.
    Daughter: Arden Liz Spence.
    Son: Alvin Randal Spence.

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    Family 1:

    DGF: Charles Everett Shane "Charlie"
    DGM: Caroline Eva Lucy "Carol"

    DD: Rachel Lucy (16 yrs)
    DS: Henry Elias Patrick (10 yrs)

    Family 2:

    DH: James Nicholas
    DW: Hannah Patrice

    DD: Annabelle Lucy (7 yrs)
    DS: Cole Carson (3 yrs)
    DD: Serena Jane (1 yr)

    Family 3

    DH: Patrick Oscar
    DW: Leslie Jana "Leah"

    DS: Jameson Luke "Jamie"
    ADD: Felicia Mary
    DS: Jonah Andrew
    DD: Lily Abigail

    Family 4

    DH: Edward Shane "Ed"
    DD: Cecily Wren "Ceci"
    DDog: Fluffy

    Family 5

    DH: Elliot Park
    DW: Ling Mei

    Babies on the inside!: Olivia Mei and Henry Park

    Family 6

    DH: Agusto Paul
    DW: Lucia Noel

    DD: Adriana Lucy
    DS: Calvin Agusto
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