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    Re: Sister for Ellodie

    Cosette is beautiful and goes extremely well with Ellodie. I think Cosette would be perfect.

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    Re: Sister for Ellodie

    I think Cosette is PERFECT, as well! I loveeeeee it! Definitely reminds me of Les Mis.. in which case I can also recommend: Fantine and Eponine. =p

    I also really like the suggestion of Fleur!!!! Ellodie and Fleur, so lovely.... omg!!!!!!!

    My favorites:
    Ellodie and Fleur****** (or maybe Flora/Florence)
    Ellodie and Cosette

    Some more thoughts:
    Ellodie and Fantine
    Ellodie and Faustine
    Ellodie and Portia
    Ellodie and Cassia
    Ellodie and Fawn

    Flower/plant names (since you seem to like them!):
    Ellodie and Calla
    Ellodie and Camellia
    Ellodie and Clover
    Ellodie and Iris
    Ellodie and Saffron
    Ellodie and Bryony/Briony (probably too similar sounding?)
    Ellodie and Daphne (same ending sound..)
    Ellodie and Juniper
    Ellodie and Lavender

    My vote is for Cosette or Fleur. Or maybe..ding ding ding... <Fleur Cosette>.. perhaps a bit too french for your taste, but it is beautiful!!!!!!! If you settle on a first name or middle name we can help out w/ the rest! =D

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    Re: Sister for Ellodie

    Thank you so much for your input! I am still feeling uncertain. I do love cosette, but the more I say it, the less certain I feel that it is this babies name. As much as I love Fleur, I can’t get the Harry Potter character out of my head every time I hear it. Thank you again for your help, I am reviewing the other names that were given to me.

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    Re: Sister for Ellodie

    I wanted to drop in and thank you all again for your input and help. We finally made a decision as our little girl arrived on May 20th. We are now the proud parents of big sister Ellodie Grace and brand new Juliette Joy.

    Thank you again,


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