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    So many babies... so many names!!!

    Last year felt like celeb break up, after celeb break up.. This year is a bit more positive with celeb pregnancy after celeb pregnancy!! So exciting! Cant wait to hear all the great names.. Anyone have any ideas on what some of them will come up with? Heres a list of some of 2011's Celeb-Babies!!!

    Kate Hudson (My suggestion is Hudson for a boy, Hudson Bellamy. I love, love it. Also Hudson sounds great with Ryder.)

    Natalie Portman (I think it will be something unique, but simple. Maybe a "normal" name in french or hebrew.)


    Owen Wilson (Robert Ford Wilson. LOVE this name!!! And, after his father. Amazing!)

    Pink & Carey Hart

    David Scwimmer's wife, Zoe Buckman

    David & Victoria Beckham (Baby #4, hope its a girl!!! I tyhink the name will throw us all of, They have no real "rythym" with naming there kids, Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz)

    Emma Bunton (It will be something classic and elegant to go with big brother, Beau)

    Laila Ali

    Marion Cotillard

    Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon (TWINS!!!)

    Drea De Matteo

    Joey McIntyre (There will be another new KID on the block.. ahaha Im so punny!.. Love his kids names Rhys & Griffin. Maybe Landen, Hudson or Bailey if its another boy)

    Carrie Prejean

    Melissa Rycroft

    Rachel Zoe

    Jennifer Connelly

    Autumn Reeser

    Jane Krakowski

    Tia Mowry

    Kandee Johnson... Readdy to pop at ANY moment!!!

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    Re: So many babies... so many names!!!

    You're right! So many babies!

    Kate Hudson - I like your idea of Hudson for a boy, and that's a cute match to Ryder. She could do Hudson Hawn Bellamy to honor mom Goldie Hawn, just like she used Russell for Ryder's middle name! Or, maybe she wants to go for an alliterative name like Ryder's? Bennett Bellamy would be nice.

    Natalie Portman - I could see Natalie Portman choosing a so-called normal name that isn't too popular, but perhaps rising on the charts. For a girl, yuppy choices - inspired by Nat and Ben's own names! - like Eliza, Fiona, or Juliet would be perfect. As far as Hebrew names, I think Sela would be divine. For boys, I could see Herschel or something coming into play for a boy's middle name, to honor Nat's original last name, Herschlag. Or, perhaps Asher? Her dad's name is Avner, I believe, or maybe Abner, so it's a nice nod to him.

    Jewel - Hm, Jewel and Ty. This is a tough one! I'd say something rough and roguish, for a boy, or sassy and sweet for a girl. I could see Beau, Russell, or Wylie working for a boy. For a girl, something like Delilah, Scarlett, or Willa?

    Pink - Well, I think Pink's already said she'll go with Jameson for a boy, which I think is pretty cute. For a girl, I could see her going a little more trendy or quirky, with something like Afton or Perry.

    David & Victoria Beckham - For a girl, my vote is a natural girlish name like Dahlia Caroline, for Victoria's middle name. For a boy, Westley Robert, in honor of Victoria's mother's maiden name and David's middle name.

    Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon - Well, they're having a boy and a girl! Hm. Let's say what I think they should go with, which would be two three-syllable names like their own, Mariah and Nicholas. Something nickname-able, like Mimi and Nick. Finally, it could be nice to go with O and P, since those are the next two letters of the alphabet, but K and L might be easier. So, for a girl, perhaps Kalila, which is Arabic for "beloved," Kerensa, a Cornish name meaning "love," or Keziah, a Hebrew name meaning "cassia tree." Larissa, a Greek name meaning "citadel," or Livia, a Latin name meaning "crown." Ottilie, a French name for "prospers in battle," or Oliva, a Latin name meaning "olive tree." Pakuna, a Native American name with an obscure meaning or Paloma, a Spanish name for "dove." For a boy, Killian, an Irish name meaning "church." Lorenzo, a Latin name meaning "from Laurentium," or Lucian, a Latin name meaning "light." Oliver, a Latin name meaning "olive tree," or Orlando, an Italian name meaning "famous throughout the land." So, maybe Kalila and Lucian or Killian and Larissa? I prefer the first. Even Kerensa and Lucian would be nice. Or, perhaps Oliver and Paloma or Orlando and Paloma? Eh, nothing is screaming "right" at me.

    Okay, that's all I've got now!

    Lemon :-)
    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

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