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    Re: Finding out the gender?

    Hi there! I literally just found out I am expecting again, and this will be the first time we find out the gender. I have always been fine not knowing, and my husband ALWAYS wanted to know but reluctantly agreed to keep it a surprise. I think I must be a lot bossier than your wife! Haha. I couldn't bear the idea of not finding out together.
    This time I want to know as I am pining so much for a girl (Awful i know)
    I feel like if i keep it a delivery surprise I might end up building up the idea of a girl. If I find out sooner I can just look forward to whoever is coming out!
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    Re: Finding out the gender?

    We didn't find out with our first. I wanted to, but my husband really wanted it to be a surprise. I wasn't set on finding out, I just figured we would. Not finding out was a lot of fun. We didn't really have any issues with the nursery or clothes - we waited to decorate the nursery and only bough a few articles of clothing. For all of the baby gear I planned to go gender neutral anyway.

    We did find out with our current pregnancy, just so we can experience both sides. Honestly, I kind of prefer not knowing, The moment with the sono wasn't nearly as exciting as being told in the delivery room "it's a boy!". For us, finding out at the anatomy scan was kind of anti-climatic. I am excited we are having another boy and I do enjoy saying "he" instead of "the baby" but I really think I prefer waiting until the end

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