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    Best twin stroller for newborns? Help!

    Hi berries,
    My DH & I are expecting twin boys in April (and hopefully they stay put until April!) and I'm just starting to research equipment needs. I need recommendations for moderately priced infant twin strollers or prams (not outrageously priced designer models), hopefully a system that will accept 2 infant car seats.

    There is one twin frame that accepts 2 infant car seats that sells for around $100 but various reviews from parents have been quite poor as far as quality.

    Any advice? Thanks for any help you can give!

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    Re: Best twin stroller for newborns? Help!

    We have the double jogger stroller from Baby Trend. we Love it! Even has an mp3 hookup!
    We go out on walks alot on our country road so joggers are our only option. The stroller is too huge to fit in our car (need to get a van soon) so we probably should get one that we could bring to stores, cuz right now we hold both girls and makes the experience not quite as enjoyable.
    I do know of someone with twins and she couldn't live without her double stroller. She took it everywhere. That was 2 yrs ago, don't know the brand but it was a front and back stroller not side to side, and it held both car seats. (baby trend works with same brand car seats)
    Hope that helps! And congrats on your twins!! Wow
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