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Thread: Flynn Bloom!

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    Flynn Bloom!

    Just heard that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have named their baby son Flynn Bloom!
    What do you think? I like it!

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    Re: Flynn Bloom!

    I'm not too crazy about this name. I think Finnegan Bloom would have been a better choice. Two one-syllable names with two heavy l's make it difficult to say. I feel like I have a lisp. Oh well, I guess it could have been worse!
    All the best,

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    Re: Flynn Bloom!

    Love the name Flynn, not so sure about the flow of Flynn Bloom.

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    Re: Flynn Bloom!

    I'm so angry they chose this name! I absolutely love Flynn- it's got the same vibe as Finn but doesn't remind me of a fish. But now I feel like I might not be able to use it for fear that it'll be too associated with him. I don't mind popular names, but I don't want a celebrity baby name like Maddox or Kingston, even if I like the name. And while I love Flynn, like the previous posters, I'm not sure about Flynn Bloom. But maybe he has a middle name that hasn't been released that could break up the brevity- Flynn Raphael Bloom or Flynn Alexander Bloom sound pretty good if you use the whole thing.

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    Re: Flynn Bloom!

    Im the BIGGEST Fin lover, but Im not too crazy about Flynn, reminds me of Flawn. and Flynn Bloom is too much to say. I keep saying "Flinn Boom" I cant get out the two L's.

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