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    Quote Originally Posted by castles View Post
    I don't really care when people give common names to their children. But it bothers me a bit when parents give their children made-up / yoonek names.
    Yes! I have two cousins who gave their children creative spellings of trendy names. I was disappointed, not because they used a trendy name but because of the spelling they chose! Their children will have to spell it out for people constantly. They're also those trendy names that people like to use on girls (one of my cousins said that the name she picked out could be used on a girl if her son turned out to be a daughter). Ugh.
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    Hopefully, in the last two years since writing this you've managed to get a life.

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    I don't entirely agree with this post. Some of the mentioned names are quite classic and beautiful. Michael, Emma, Grace, Marie... I don't think there's anything wrong with "common" as long as it's tasteful and will stand the test of time. The one thing I agree on are trendy names such as Braden, Kaiden etc which tend to feel a little dated and overdone. But, "common" classics are just that, classic. Now mind you, I live in LA - the land of the wild names. I guess I lean the other way and might wince a bit when I hear of a really unusual name, one I cannot pronounce or one that feels made up for the sake of originality. I feel with todays trends where so many people feel compelled to go unique and unusual, that I am in fact original by sticking with the classics.

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    Yes, most of the people in my life who have had a baby over the past year have gone trendy or popular ie. Declan, Braydon, Sophia, Lucy, Ava, Wyatt, & Aiden. Cant wait to hear something more creative & exciting!

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    My sister-in-law just had a baby girl....Emily Anne. Yawn. Then there's three people I know who have Brayden and Aiden. Sigh.

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