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Thread: just for laughs

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    just for laughs

    I heard a name joke today and thought I'd share it with all you berries.

    A farmer's wife had her ninth baby and seeing that she had already used up all the family and friend namesakes, thought to herself that nine was an odd number, so decided to call him Odd. Little Odd was subjected to much bullying about being an oddball and always felt like the odd-man-out. When he grew old, he asked his loving wife to leave his burdensome name off of his tombstone and just put the years of his life and a nice epitaph about being a good man and father. After he died, she did as he asked and for many years after, strangers would look at the nameless gravestone and remark, "Isn't That Odd?!"

    So anyone else know any name jokes? Good, bad, or cheesy, let's hear them.

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    That's cute. The only name jiokes I know are those dumb ones like:
    What did the lawyer name his daughter?
    Whats the name of the armless swimmer's son?... Bob.
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    A man's sister gives birth to b/g twins.
    when asked by a friend what the girl is called he replies:
    Man: Denise
    Friend: Oh, what a lovely name! what's her brother called?
    Man: De nephew
    I know it's pretty bad, but that's the only one I have
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