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    I don't quite get the "disappointment" feeling when it comes to other people's kids. Seriously, why would I?

    But I do know I will be disappointed if I never have a girl so I can never use the girl's names I like.

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    I don't really care when people give common names to their children. But it bothers me a bit when parents give their children made-up / yoonek names.

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    I find myself dissapointed sometimes. A friend of mine, whose 17, named her son Kaden-James....I really dislike that. Another named her daughter Lucia Skye, then there's a Noah, a Summer, about 3 Riley's and a Mason. But my baby cousin is called Lois which is thankfully more original!
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    Not everyone is looking to be different or make a statement with the names they choose for their children. I don't think choosing a name that is currently popular such as Olivia or Sophia is a "wasted opportunity" - both are lovely names that happen to be common at the moment. I admit I'd be disappointed if a family member used a name I really dislike like Paytynn or Logyn or something, but if it's just a case of a name that's popular then I don't see a problem. It's important to some people to choose names that are more obscure, fanciful or out of the ordinary, but I don't think that necessarily means the names they choose are "better".

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