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    This happens to me everytime I hear Jackson, Mason, and Jadyn for boys. For girls it's Isabella, Madeline, Madison, Addison, Hannah, Olivia, Ava, Micayla, Kaitlyn...etc. The only super common names that don't disappoint me are biblical names like Jacob, Matthew, Joshua.

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    I feel like it's kinder to give your kid a bland, popular, "accepted" name than an insufferable hipster name. My SIL has picked some doozies, and it's pretty annoying and sad. My only consolation is that her silly names have been a source of irritation for my evil mother-in-law.
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    I've also been trying not to expect too much from my friends and family. I'm sure that they pick a name that they love. But my friend just had her second boy and with the first one being Landon (trendy I know but still interesting) I did catch myself wondering what she'd name the next one. Well he's born and his name is David, which is a solid name but not at all what I was expecting. And yes, I was honestly disappointed. Though on the same note, I'm sure there are plenty of people in my circle who are not fans of my naming style either.
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    So far there are only 3 other couples amongst my group of friends that have had babies, not an Ava or Jayden in sight!

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    Someone on my Facebook was making dummy clips (chunky beads on long ribbons with letter beads in the middle spelling names) for some of her friends who also have babies. Her son is Patrick which I like as it's not something you hear often nowadays but the names spelt out on the dummy clips were SO predictable:

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