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    Quote Originally Posted by tk. View Post
    I've learned not to get to excited about baby names in my family. I've got somewhere around 20 nieces and nephews and gads of young cousins (Who's counting? Ain't nobody got time for that!)
    LOL sweet brown!
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    a feel for the names i adore:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    I like Josiah Walker and Elizabeth Emerald. Classic, but with a twist
    Thank you. :-) My husband likes classic and traditional. I'm a little more adventurous. These are our compromises, and I like them so much they don't feel like compromises.
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    I'm not disappointed when my friends use popular names, it's their choice, but I do get disappointed when we have "double ups" in our family and close friends we have:
    2 Liams
    Eva Grace, Ella Grace, Grace Ella
    3 Hunters
    2 Jacobs
    2 Noahs
    2 Mackenzies
    2 Brooklyns
    3 Sophies
    An Alex (B) and an Alexis (G)
    2 Jades

    It get's really confusing when my kids have a birthday party!

    Some names I did get excited about though were, Mya, Katrina, Lucy-Jane, Aria and Lincoln
    The 3 Princesses in my life...

    Elizabeth Hope
    Annabelle Cadence
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    I agree, double ups are disappointing. In my mothers group we had a Benjamin and a Ben in a matter of months :/
    I was pleased with the Ezekiel who would have been Lucinda if he was a girl.
    I wish people would be a bit more adventurous

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    I was disappointed to see a girl I went to school with name her daughter Kinsley. Yuck! Also disappointed when my cousin named her daughter Lauryn.
    Collecting, not expecting! Favorite names change frequently.

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