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    I've known four babies born the past year and the only one I think is spectacular is Gabriel Asher. ONE is boy named Cason and I was like, really? Another was Ella-May Rose. An my neighbor is little Shelby. Not the worst name in the world but it was chosen because the parents had never heard it before. If you want unique name, they could have gone with Cordelia or Seraphina. Or perhaps an Ariadne or Saskia. I really need to stop hoping for a little Magnus or Magnolia.
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    I was hoping for classic but unusual names from two couples I know, and they ended up naming their daughters Madelyn Grace and Emma Rose. Both are pretty, but enough with the filler middle names!
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    I think what might be worse is that of the four couples I know that are pregnant right now I fully expect two of them to choose what I might consider disappointing name combos. The one couple I thought might go a little hay-wired actually surprised me with a great sib-set combo which is nms but was rather quaint and sweet.
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    I know someone with an Abby and an Addi. Really? Also sisters Charlie and Emma...
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    As much as I loathe the sound of yet ANOTHER Sophia, Emma, Charlotte, Ava or Isabella being born into my circle, i'm hoping my girls wear their less-mainstream names with pride while they're in school with all of them in the future. I know I, personally, was always very envious of anyone who wasn't part of the Jennifer, Brittany, Jessica, Ashley, Stephanies(me) group of my own generation. I would've thought those other girls shared my sentiment.... guess not.

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