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    Name disappointment

    No, not disappointment in the names you chose for your own progeny, but disappointment in the names your friends and family chose. Anyone else been there?
    This last year I knew a ton of people having babies -- upwards of 50. Every time one was born I, of course, get excited about the name! I didn't expect much from most people but some of my fellow name-loving friends or those that I thought had a little more originality have chosen the blandest, most commonplace names possible. Noah, Liam, Aiden, Ava, Ella... insert either Michael for boys or Grace/Marie for girls and you've got the recipe for the perfect baby name, apparently.

    I know, I know, it's not my baby, not my problem; I just get so bored hearing the same names over and over again!
    Do any of the people you expect to pick original or at least interesting names ever let you down?

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    Re: Name disappointment

    Most of the people I know that have had children in the past 3 years have all picked different names. My best friend named her son Jace (which is now becoming popular) and her other son's name is Dravin. My boyfriend's brother and girlfriend named their daughter Cambria, and an ex of mine and his wife named their son Kingston.

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    Re: Name disappointment

    I totally agree. I get so excited to ask pregnant friends what their favorite names are and am so let down to hear all the usual suspects. I really don't get it at all.

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    Re: Name disappointment

    I don't know, I figure that most people name their babies something that they have fallen in love with. The only time I have been disappointed was when my sister names her children Hayden (girl) and Jayden (boy) becuase I thought she could have been way more original instead of naming her children rhyming.
    And maybe my friend that named her daughter Abby... that's it Abby without a middle name and her last name is similar to Jones in its commonality.
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    Re: Name disappointment

    I was with my cousin. He just found out that his girlfriend was pregnant and she told him he could pick the first name. He chose Brooklyn/Santana (Love Santana but the mom doesn't) or Mason. I was so disappointed sine I though he would chose more unique names. Especially Mason which I feel is super popular now.
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