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    Your name is Jessie May Brown. You live in Birmingham, UK. You had a rough life: your mother, Janey Michelle Brown, was a gold-digger who had only married your workaholic father, David Christopher Brown, for his money. They always neglected you. As a teenager, your life was one big party; a whirlwind of drugs, mischief, and sex. At Christmas, you discover you are 4 months pregnant after a crazy summer. You are scared to tell your parents because you are only 17 years old. You soon discover the baby�s father is your best guy friend named Kellen Gregory Thomas. When you announce you will keep the baby to your parents, they banish you from the house. You go to live with your best friend, Senna (18), and her sister, Pansy (21). They are kind and helpful and give you hope throughout the months. They even help deliver your baby after a sudden, quick birth at home. You promise to love the child more than anything in the world.

    The name: Oakley May Senna Brown - female
    Her birth date: October 9th

    The special person above helped you move on from your rebellious ways, and so you go on to college. It is tough being a single mother, but your faith and determination gets you through.

    Which college/university? University of Birmingham
    To study/become what? Study creative writing to become an author

    You relocate to Poole after finding a job there. You quickly begin dating your neighbor, River Joseph Fox. He has neither a stable life nor is reliable, but you are swept by his irresistible charm and good looks. Suddenly you learn you are pregnant with his baby�it�s a girl! Your neighbor becomes upset that you are pregnant and wants to give the baby up for adoption, but you refuse and decide it is better you cut off connection with him. The baby is born at 1:32 am after a difficult labor; tragically, she is stillborn.

    The baby girl�s name: Imogen May Brown
    Her birth date: June 6th

    It takes a long time for your grief to fade. You decide to relocate once again with your child to Norfolk. There, at a coffee shop, you run into your old best guy friend from when you were a teenager�the father of your child! He has just gotten divorced and has two children from the marriage.

    Their names and genders: Jack Gregory Thomas & Jennifer Kelly Thomas
    His job: Journalist

    The two of you kindle a romantic relationship. You find out you are pregnant soon enough�with a girl. You two have a perfect name picked out: Skye Imogen Thomas-Brown. But once the baby is born, she turns out to actually be a boy! You name him after your guy friend�s dad.

    His name: Freddie Greyson Thomas-Brown
    His birth date: September 9th

    Your guy friend proposes, and you get married and honeymoon in Barbados. Not long after, you discover you are pregnant. It is an easy pregnancy and birth, and the whole family is thrilled. You all decide on the baby�s name together.

    The baby�s name and gender: Ezekiel Lake Thomas-Brown - Zeke
    His/her birth date: May 5th

    A month after the baby�s birth, you learn you are pregnant again�with boy-girl twins! Because of difficulties with the pregnancy and birth, they have different birthdays.

    His name: Everett Benjamin Thomas-Brown
    His birth date: August 10th
    Her name: Skye Imogen Thomas-Brown
    Her birth date: August 9th

    Years pass, and the kids grow up. You and your husband have vowed not to have any more children, but one morning you discover you are pregnant again�with multiples!

    How many children do you have? 5
    What are their names and genders? Females- Texas Charlotte, Finley Skylar, Marlow Wylie Male- Asa George, Maddox Harry
    Birth date(s)? December 19th

    The family is overjoyed with the new additions! You also decide to adopt a dog, after much begging from the children.

    His/her name and gender: Ellie
    His/her breed: Mixed
    - LittleMissGeek

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