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    Strong but modern Boy names

    List some boy names that you consider "strong boy names" but I am looking more so for the Modern versions. I know James, Robert, Thomas etc... are rather strong seeming but to me I consider them dated. I guess I am just trying to get an idea of how the newer names of our generation are percieved and would like you to list some of the ones you thought were strong or manly sounding.

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    Re: Strong but modern Boy names

    Hi, I agree with you on those being good, strong, but dated names. Here is my list. I've tried to stick to your criteria of them being MODERN strong classics, familiar, rather than too TRENDY, unusual or made-up names. They are not necessarilly Favourites of mine either, but some are. Alex, Aaron, Austin, Brandon/Brendon, Benjamin, Byron, Caleb, Calum, Cameron, Christian, Connor, Conrad, Craig, Daniel, Darren, David, Dean, Dominic, Duncan, Dylan, Elliot, Eric, Ethan, Evan, Ewan, Finn, Gabriel, Gareth, Garth, Gavin, Gregory, (Griffin?), Guy, Hamish, Hayden, (Hunter?), Ian, Jackson, Jake, Jasper, Jed, Joe, John (always a classic), Jonathan, Joshua, Jude, Julian, Justin, Kevin, Kirk, Kyle, Liam, Lloyd, Logan, Luc/Luke, Mark, Matthew, Max, Michael, Nathan, Ned, Nicholas, Oscar, Owen, Phillip, Quinn, Quinton, Reece, Rhett, Ross, Ryan, Scott, Sean, Sebastian, Seth, Shane,Simon, Steven, Stewart, Todd, Travis, Trevor, Tristan, Troy, Tyler, Tyren, Vaughn, Wade, Warren, Wayne, Wesley, Xavier, Xander, Zach. What do think?
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    Re: Strong but modern Boy names

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