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    Best nn for my daughter Annabelle

    Hi all,

    I am trying to figure out what is the best nickname for my daughter Annabelle. There are so many options, but nothing jumps out as what I should call her so thought I would get your input. Here are the ones I have come up with and what I feel about them:

    1. Anna or Annie-simple and classic but not my favorite for some reason
    2. Belle, Bells or Bella-I like Belle since it is a southern name, but not sure I see calling my daughter this. Bella reminds me too much of twilight and all the Isabella's running around out there.
    3. Ellie or Ella- I adore, but here there are so many running around out there, but think it is not an obvious nn which I like
    4.Bebe-I like because we call her daddy B and it is cute
    5. Nell/Nellie-ok, but not sure I'm all that crazy about it.
    6. Annie B -cute

    So that is what I have come up with. Do you have any favorites or even any more that I may not have listed? Do you know any Annabelle's? What do they go by? Her daddy says he will just call her Annabelle, but I adore nicknames and just want to see what the best one should be. Thanks for your help!Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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    Re: Best nn for my daughter Annabelle

    I know two Annabelle and both are called Annabelle.

    My vote is for Bebe. Love it.

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    Re: Best nn for my daughter Annabelle

    I was seriously going to suggest Bebe before I saw this! That's definitely my favorite and I can see her using it in her teens and 20s too as a fun nickname.

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    Re: Best nn for my daughter Annabelle

    I like Belle, but not Bella. I just think it's sweet! Anna is nice too. Annie B (or Anna B) sounds fun.

    Also know this, you never know what will happen with a nickname. We named my daughter Anneliese, meaning to call her by the full name, but knowing that we could use Anna whenever we needed to (especially with my 90+ year old grandparents). We have *never* called her Anna. We call her Liese or Liesey a lot. That was never even on our radar as a nickname before.

    (Also, I tend to call her Gillian or Gilly from her middle name more than anything else, and both her Daddy and I often call her Piper, which is a long story.)

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    Re: Best nn for my daughter Annabelle

    My favorite would be Annie, but I saw that you're not crazy about that. Annie B is really cute, though! Bells is fun, too. I think Ella/Ellie is a little bit of a stretch as a nn for Annabelle.

    I agree with pp that you may be surprised with which nn seems to stick or which new one evolves as you spend time with your LO!

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