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    Madeline spelling, pronunciation, and middle name

    We only like Madeline spelled Madeline and Madeleine but we are going for the -lynn ending sound. We definitely don't like it spelled with a y. Which one of these two would best be pronounced Mad eh lin or lyn?

    I also am leaning towards the initials MJ to honor a family member. The family name is Josephine.

    What do you think of Madeline/Madeleine Josephine? Is it too long? Our last name is short- only 6 letters.

    I also thought about Madeline/Madeleine Jane. Any other suggestions?


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    Re: Madeline spelling, pronunciation, and middle name

    I love Madeleine. I think that most people would automatically pronounce this with the -lynn ending, while Madeline can go either way (but I personally would pronounce it with the -line ending). I prefer the Madeleine spelling, I think it's really beautiful.

    Madeleine Josephine isn't too long at all, especially with a shorter last name. I think this sounds great, and the fact that it honors a family member is perfect. Madeleine Jane is great too - I absolutely love Jane. Either way, you've got a great name picked out.
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    Re: Madeline spelling, pronunciation, and middle name

    I think "Line" with both of these, but I also prefer the "line" sound to the name. I would think Madeline would be more likely to be pronounced lyn. In my opinion, the two vowels in Madeleine seem to be making a long vowel sound - it wouldn't make sense for it to be said as the short vowel lyn.

    Madeline Josephine sounds great! Good Luck!
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    Re: Madeline spelling, pronunciation, and middle name

    I actually disagree with the PP, I think Madeline is much more likely to be pronounced -line. Madeleine is French; the ein makes more or less the sound 'ehn' but in English it's pretty much 'in'. I know a bunch of Madelines and Madeleines and they're all pronounced like 'lyn', so I'd tend to pronounce them both like that, but I think in other areas Madeline is pronounced to rhyme with Clementine. If you want the clearest spelling for the 'lyn' pronunciation, definitely go with Madeleine.

    Madeleine Josephine is really pretty, not too long. I prefer the flow of Madeleine Jane, but Jane is a bit of a filler middle. How about Madeleine Julia, Madeleine Juliet, Madeleine Juniper, Madeleine Junia, Madeleine Juno, or Madeleine June?
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    Re: Madeline spelling, pronunciation, and middle name

    I pronounce both Madeleine and Madeline Mad-eh-LINE. Ive only seen Mad-eh-lyn spelt Madelyn. Although behindthename says the french pronounciation of Madeleine with Mad-eh-len, so I would go with that one. Madeline is likely to be pronounced with the Line ending whereas Madeleine could go either way. Madeleine Josephine is beautiful.
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