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    Re: The birds and bees...

    I am struggling with this right now as I am 8 months pregnant and I have a 7 year old daughter. She does ask questions once in a while and I have been able to give her vague answers that seem to satisfy her for the moment. I am worried about the questions that will come once the baby is born. How did he get out, how did he get in there....I don't want to lie, but I don't know if I am ready to give all the details on conceptions and birth. When my son (who is 12 now) was little he used to think that babies came out of our belly buttons...I guess I could always tell my daughter that.

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    Re: The birds and bees...

    Most children learn about it through school. When I was in 4th grade, and 6th grade, and many other grades, we were taught what happens, why, and how. (The girls and the boys were seperated.) I first learned about it in second grade, when this little boy told me all about everything. I remember being disgusted. 2 is a little early for kids to know about it. When my little brother was younger, he used to asked, "What are those humps on girls' chests called, Mommy?" and he'd say, "Wait, girls don't have this part that I have?" I'd say that learning about it too young can really mess up your kids thoughts (I've met some really young kids that speak very inappropriately), but learning about it too late isn't good, either. Third-Fourth grade is a good time, maybe a little earlier.
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    With Alec I haven't started, he is only 6, I intend to make it clear that I will answer any questions he has but so far it seems as if he doesn't care. He once asked where babies came from and his 5 year old brother chimed in with, "From momma's belly, duhh!" I talked to him when he went to bed and explained that "Momma and Daddy created a baby together from love." I feel as though he doesn't need to know at 6 about sex. It seems young. I think 8 or 9 is a good age for that.
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