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    Create a Family!

    Create a family with the provided initials! After the first 20 replies, I will judge them and post my favorite family! Have fun

    Last Name: T
    DH: DR
    DW: EC

    DS: JS
    DS: BK
    DD: AM
    DD/DS: HG/HG
    DD: CP
    DD: TF

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    Re: Create a Family!

    Last Name: Thompson
    DH: Declan Rhys
    DW: Eliza Clare

    DS: James Sawyer
    DS: Blaine Kingston
    DD: Aurora Maeve
    DD/DS: Helena Gwen/Harrison George (just kidding!) Hudson Gabriel
    DD: Ciara Pomona
    DD: Teagan Fiona
    freya // reader // writer // actress

    ϟ boys: james, kieran, arthur, jasper, eamon, graham
    ✿ girls: maeve, nuala, thea, luna, lenora, rosalind, charlotte
    ♡ current faves: james arthur & kieran joel & maeve mary brigid

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    Re: Create a Family!

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    Re: Create a Family!

    Last Name: Terrigan
    DH: Deacon Ralph
    DW: Eve Chantal

    DS: Jaden Samuel
    DS: Brighton Kane
    DD: Alanah Michele
    DD/DS: Hadley Gracen/Hunter Griffin
    DD: Camille Portia
    DD: Tristin Faith

    Deacon and Eve, Jaden, Brighton, Alanah, Hadley, Hunter, Camille and Tris Terrigan
    Today my favorites are : **Aubrey Gracen Yves
    **Easton Lee Joseph

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    Midwestern USA

    Re: Create a Family!

    Last Name: Timberlake

    DH: Darius Rafael
    DW: Enza Camille

    DS: Jared Shea
    DS: Byron Kirk
    DD: Allison Marie
    DD/DS: Heidi Ghislaine/Hadrian Gerek
    DD: Calista Paige "Cali"
    DD: Taryn Frances

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