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    Might be the one..? Help!

    Sorry in advance if this is long, lol.

    I am no way close to having a baby, but am obsessed with names.. it's pretty out of control. Everyone around me is pregnant or has a baby, and it's starting to get to me. Once in a while I find a name I like, and will ask my boyfriend what he thinks. I stumbled upon the name Ember/Emberly, and fell in love.. I can't stop thinking about it. He loves it too, I'm sooo excited, and it has meaning to us. I have been racking my brain trying to think of middle names that go well with it.. I don't want something that is too common but I don't want something too crazy either since the name is different itself. Some of the ones I like are;

    Emberly Rose
    Emberly River
    Emberly Danielle (after my brother)
    Emberly Jean (after my mom)
    Emberly Willow
    Emberly Harper (boyfriend likes Harper)
    Emberly Autumn
    Ember Clare (after grandma)
    Ember Annalise (after boyfriend's mom, her mn is Ann)
    Ember Riley

    I know some of them are kind of hippy-like, but they have meaning (especially River). Our favorite vacation spot is a cabin by a river in NH. We go every year, and I have been going since I was a kid.. we hope to bring our children there some day.. corny, right? lol We are just big on tradition. I'm having more trouble finding a middle name for Ember.. Emberly is a little easier. Any help is very much appreciated.. we love this name!

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