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    Too Close for Cousins?

    So my niece's name is Aria - which I love! The problem is that I also adore the names Arielle (are-e-el) and Ariel (air-e-el). My mom says it's not a problem, but I worry that they're too close to be cousin's names. Do you think it's an issue?
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    Re: Too Close for Cousins?

    I think they're similar but also different enough. How does that family feel about the name? I would check with the parents and see what their thoughts are. Is there a big age difference between the cousins?

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    Re: Too Close for Cousins?

    I would say it's not a problem.......
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    Re: Too Close for Cousins?

    I think I'd personally avoid it, but your best bet I think is to discuss it with Aria's parents. Aria and Ariel/Arielle are beautiful names, and I do think they're distinct enough, but it would be a bit too close for comfort in my family.
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    Re: Too Close for Cousins?

    Like all other naming questions, I think this one depends on how close the cousins will be, and what you feel about it.

    If you only see one another a few times a year, at holidays, etc. and the girls will be in different grades and/or different schools, I don't think it's that big of a deal. However, if they will be moving in the same small circles their entire life Aria/Arielle might feel a bit matchymatchy to them and/or your family.

    Ultimately though, I've always thought it is best to choose the name you truly love and work around the complications.

    My sister is named Heather and her best friend since grade 4 is also named Heather. They are inseperable, but having the EXACT same name has never really been an issue. Some friends call them by their last names to distinguish, and our families refer to them as "my Heather" or "your Heather". At least your two names are different enough to avoid that!!!

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