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    This is a super old thread but I saw the name Rose-Maïté the other day in the credits for the movie "Louis Cyr" and it caught my eye.
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    My Favorite would be the combo of the female version of Françoise, ie. Frances, Francine or Francesca along with Jeanne/ Jean’/ Jean/Jeanine/ Jane/ Janine/Janna/Jonet. Frankie Jean or Frankie-Jean, so French & so cute!
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    I grew up in the south too.

    Names I've heard:

    Mary Beth
    Beth Ann
    Leigh Anne
    Betty Jo
    Daisy Mae
    Mary Lou
    Grace Ann
    Mary Katherine
    Norma Jean
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    Southern names

    Coming from the Deep South , I've heard a variety of quirky names:

    Ally Kay
    Mary Wynne
    John Cole
    Mattie Carson
    Laura Green
    Mary ceil
    Anna Reid
    Lily rose
    Jane Claire
    Margaret Anne
    Anna Lee
    Lily McKay
    Erica Lynn
    Brenna Claire
    Cari Beth
    Maggie jo
    Kara drake
    John Bradley
    Hattie mac

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