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    Cool double names

    I'm southern, and we folk love our double names - we don't even feel the need to hyphenate most of the time, since we feel it's pretty natural to have 2 names. It's a nice way to make classic or popular names feel fresh and unique, I think, or to make short names feel more complete. Growing up, I've known:

    Alice Anne
    Anna Catherine
    Georgia Claire
    Grace Ellen
    Mark Anthony
    Mary Catherine

    I just turned 28 so there are only a handful of babies in my crew, but so far there's been a:

    Lily Grace

    Have you heard any cool double names? Or can you think of any?

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    Re: Cool double names

    Also in the South...know babies/kids

    Molly Grace (actually 2 or 3 of these)
    Allie Clare
    Mary Caroline
    Roy Thomas
    John Thomas

    and my little girl, who isn't officially a double name, but everyone (and I mean friends, teachers, acquantainces) call her both names about half the time...

    Phoebe Jane

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    Double names I've met/heard mentioned:
    -Sarah Grey
    -Mary Margaret
    -Mary Grace
    -Jenny Claire
    -Beth Ann
    -Ann Claire
    -Mary Katherine
    -Mary Lou

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    Also in the south. All these are age 25ish or below.

    Margaret Ellen
    Anne Marie
    Anna Catherine
    Ava George
    John Ross
    John Michael
    John David
    John Paul
    Jennifer Sue
    Marcia Jo
    Grace Ann

    Most of these are first/middle name combos who just go by both names.

    When I moved to Tennessee a lot of teachers/professors assumed I went by Laura Beth (I just go by Laura), which is a very common double name around here.
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    I like Dahlia Rose and Calla Rose as double names. My cousin is named John Anthony and I knew a girl in middle school named Briar Rose.
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