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    2010 Facebook Babies

    Have any of your facebook friends had babies this year? I know mine have. We've welcomed...

    Arianna Rose S.
    Brooks Kelly W. (mn after his father, Kelly)
    Isabelle Diane Judith P. (mns after grandma and great-grandma, older step-brother Jake)
    Leah Makayla C.
    Tyler Matthew L.
    Eleanor "Nora" Grace S.
    Rowan Katherine D.
    Troy Adam C. Jr. (older sister Madison)
    Leon Avery T. (my great-nephew! Older sister is Lilith Lorraine T.)
    Isaac David M. (older brother Ethan Andrew M.)
    Remi Elizabeth Yvonne B. (born yesterday! Older half-brother Jacobi Sabastian Russell - not a typo)
    Julian Anthony O.
    Lauren Sabina R. (adopted from Russia, Sabina is her birth name)
    Lila Mae P.
    Emily Ann M.

    PHEW! That's it! But seriously, we had a lot of babies this year! Who on your facebook friends list had a baby in 2010?
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Re: 2010 Facebook Babies

    Haven't had too many this year, but my cousin had a daughter named Gabriella Rachel for her late grandfather and late grandmother.

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    Re: 2010 Facebook Babies

    let's see I've recently seen...

    Madeline Rose
    Riley (boy)
    Everett nn Rhett
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    Re: 2010 Facebook Babies

    There has been an influx of babies this year:

    *Sophia Pearl L. (Big brother Tie Alexander (named after hockey player Tie Domi))
    *Jacob Clayton E.
    *Lara M. (big brother Oscar)
    *Kyla Anne H.
    *Savannah H. (nick named Savy)
    *Bentley R. (female)
    *Zachary Michael W.
    *Kaelynn Marie & Colton Ivan W.
    *Jacob Anthony M.
    *Jonathan A. (Big Brother Matthew)
    *Kailey S.
    *Olivia T. (Big Sibs (twins) Jared & Lily) (Live in South Africa)
    *Isabella Grace A. (big sibs Jeremiah and Clarista)
    *Caitlin T.
    *Miriam Grace F. (nick name Mim) (Big sibs (twins) Amy Rose & Benjamin Edward)
    *Aiden Nicholas & Connor Thomas M.
    *Brooklyn Reed S. (boy) (Australia)
    *Andrew David B. (nn Drew) (big sister Chloe Rhian)
    *Landon Dylan E. (big brother Ashton Matthew & big sisters Kathryn Olivia & Sydney Lorain)
    *Brooklyn Hope G. (Girl)
    *Austin M. (big brother Lucas)
    *Landon Aaron S.
    *Paige Abigail B.
    *Nathan Jose M.
    *Jolene Barbara F. (Big brother Riley)
    *Cole Elliott John F. (Big sister Justine Ruby)
    *Samuel B. (big brother Isaiah)
    *Jeff D. (big sibs Grace & John)
    *Elizabeth R. (big sibs Lauren, David & Luke)
    *Abby B. (fully name is Abby, no middle name or anything.)
    *Alyssa Cailyn S.
    *Kelsey Anne C. (big sister Breanne Rose)
    *Abigail Rose L. (Big brother Isaac Reed)
    *Isaiah P.
    *Joel G.
    *Markie Heather T. (female)
    *Leah Rose W. (big sister Riley Anne)
    *Callum John M. (big sibs Griffin Collin & Zoe Jane)
    *Matthew Owen G. (big brother Jackson Thomas)
    *Hannah Marie B.
    *Addison Paige L. (nick named Apple after her initials!) (big bro James Arvid)

    Whew that is all of them! There are also at least 6 more about to be born... busy busy!
    Mommy to Hermione Grace (02*23*2011)
    Future Sibs:
    Peter Halen ~ Isolde Jane ~ Conrad Gray ~ Rowena Claire ~ Edmund North ~ Beatrix Rose ~ Miles Xavier

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    Re: 2010 Facebook Babies

    Mama to Vincent Robert "Vince" Age 3. 5th Generation "V" and Henry Donovan "Hanky Pank" "Spanky" 10/27/11.

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