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    Re: Four kinds of "confusing" names

    The only point I can really relate to is the first one. My name is Helen Margaret, but I go by Maggie, a nickname for Margaret. My mom wanted a Maggie and a Helen but she didn't like the combination Margaret Helen. Therefore, I have to explain to everyone why I am called Maggie. However, I would much rather be called Maggie than Helen, so I don't really mind.
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    1. I can understand doing this if it creates a better overall flow or they weren't sure which name they'd end up calling their kid by. But I'd concur it's best to have the first name be the one you primarily use, otherwise it can get confusing.

    2. I hate this one for many reasons. Namely, I see the name and I end up thinking the person is the opposite gender that that are. Also, it makes it so there are less and less boys names out there.

    3 & 4. I have personal experience with this one, the original name I had was both mispronounced and misspelled all the time, it got to the point I hated my own name and legally changed it. I could never do that to my kid, give 'em a name that would be constantly botched like that.

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    1. middle names as first names
    to me understandable in some situations and not such a big deal but then i have no experience whatsoever maybe if it was me it would bother me

    2. names more commonly associated with opposite gender
    i am beginning to think that names are going to become a free for all pick regardless of culture, gender etc. i would be surprised to meet a girl my age who was obviously english european to find she had a very traditional indian name but prehaps not if it was a little girl as it seems normal now. you dont have to be irish to have a very irish name anymore it seems. gender is funny because just like girls can wear jeans and 'masculine' clothes we can also have boyish names but not the other way around. I dont see any boy trends with names like Elizabeth and Isobel on boys! just like boys wearing skirts and dresses 'feminine' clothes never really took off. i am slowly coming to accept this name trend though, even though i still find all these little girls being named Sawyer and such a bit strange i am being open minded!

    3 hard to spell
    this also isnt bothering me so much as i thought anymore, it seems every name now has to be spelt out. my bestie Alice was complaining she was asked to spell her name over the phone she said how hard could it be? but i suppose there are Alyss and Aliss out there so they have to check! even with my name Rebecca i am more often than not having to spell it for people (with the alternative Rebekah version out there!) so although i find Masyn silly and unnessecary i think EVERY kid not just Masyn is going to grow up having to repeatedly spell their name out!!

    4 hard to pronounce
    to me i suppose this depends, i think if its one where you ask once and then yup you can pronounce it fine thats okay eg Mila is Mee-la not Mih-la so once i have that clarified its easy. A name that is going to have to be constantly repronounced is a different story. I think if you are giving a kid a really cultural name that is difficult for others to pronounce (in this hypothetical situation you are living in an english speaking country!) then you need to be aware of how hard this will be on the kid, and possibly have an easy nickname or something to make up for it that they are known by. i remember someone at school had an aboriginal name that was long and crazy to pronounce i cant even remember the name! we just called him Ky the first letters i believe and it was fine!!

    all in all i think these are confusing but i am imagining this up and coming generation is going to be an interesting mix name wise of people choosing unique names, yooniik names, classic names, foreign names, and unisex/opposite sex names. naming your daughter Elizabeth as opposed to Cooper isnt going to stop this! in a way i think it will be quite delightful having a mixed class of Alice, Eliza, Thomas, Harry, Aubrey, Masyn, Darielle, Isobel, Emma, Emmalee, Emily, Jaymee, Aaryn, J'maia, Lulu, Atticus, Derrikk, Symin etc
    its such a mix and its really interesting! those were probably bad examples of a class roll as i just made them up from the top of my head but you get the jist!
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    I don't understand the hangups with the first one at all. I know many people who go by their middle names with no problems other than having to tell someone they go by A instead of B when they first meet the person. What's more, going by your middle name is nothing new and has been done for centuries.

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    I wouldn't mind giving my child #2 or #4. I like unisex names, and I like international names that will probably be mispronounced by the average person.

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