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    Re: Four kinds of "confusing" names

    Eh, my husband got stuck with a stinker of a first name and has been going by his mn for most of his life. I don't think his mom planned it that way, however. I will say that it creates much more amusement when friends find out his "real" name than it has ever created confusion on the part of teachers or financial institutions. Actually, a lot of my friends go by their mns because there are just too many people in our age bracket with the same first names...not much naming creativity within our SES in the late 70s. It honestly doesn't bother me. I save my indignation for people giving childish names or nn as full names (frequently the same thing).

    Frankly, I stopped worrying about giving our kid a hard to pronounce name when my teacher-friends started discussing the fact that NO ONE has easy names anymore, especially in a school district as diverse as ours. Our kid will probably be in a class with a Jai'breon, a Valeria and at least one Atticus...and those are the straightforward names.
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