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    1. Elliot Joseph
    2. Jordyn Paige
    3. Cooper James
    4. Avery Taylor (girl)
    5. Peyton Michael
    6. Skyler Elizabeth
    7. Olivia Joy
    8. Parker Benjamin
    9. Leah Marie
    10. Amelia Grace
    11. Noah Patrick
    12. Piper Noelle
    13. Mason Rourke
    14. Scarlett Rose
    15. Emma Nicole
    16. Wyatt Alexander
    17. Sebastian Ryan
    18. Leo Maxwell
    19. Rebecca Louise

    Elliot, Jordyn, Cooper, Avery, Peyton, Skyler, Olivia, Parker, Leah, Amelia, Noah, Piper, Mason, Scarlett, Emma, Wyatt, Sebastian, Leo, and Rebecca
    Eli, Jordyn, Coop, Avery, Peyton, Skye, Liv, Parker, Leah, Mel, Noah, Piper, Mason, Scar, Em, Wyatt, Sebastian, Leo, and Rebecca

    9 boys and 10 girls. Like the Bates family! haha.

    I don't know if any Charmed fans are on here but I love how I got Piper, Wyatt, and Leo...I do love all 3 of those names though.

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