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    nymbler + duggars = your choice!

    Hi, so I just came up with what (I think) is a new baby name game. It's based sort of on the naming seven siblings + all of the Duggars games.

    Here's how it works: (1) Go to and enter in the two names you would give your children for real right now (boys, girls, boy and girl, whatever you want). (2) Get more name suggestions. (3) List here what the nymbler would name your family. The catch is that you have to keep going getting more name suggestions so that you fill your list of 19 kids all with names that you have already considered giving. They don't have to be any certain letter or gender, just names that you genuinely like. It's like seeing what the nymbler would approve of for your Duggar-sized sibset.

    pet peeves: nicknames as given names; unconventional spellings; masculine names on girls
    not-so-guilty pleasures: five-syllable girls' names; virtue and nature names; over-the-top antique names for boys
    (if i repeat name suggestions in a thread, it's because i like them! no apologies here for repeats of great names! )


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