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    Baby Name Game! :)

    After five years of dating, the man of your dreams finally pops the big question!
    1. What is your name? ____________________
    2. What is his name? ____________________

    Three months after your honeymoon, you find out your pregnant! You decide to leave the gender a secret. Your baby boy is born one week early, completely healthy.
    3. What do you name him? ____________________

    Two years later, you find out you're pregnant again-this time with twins!! At five months, you find out it is a boy and a girl. They are born at thirty-seven weeks. Your baby boy is born perfectly healthy. However, your baby girl has a heart defect. After three surgeries and five weeks in the hospital, your precious daughter can finally come home. You want her middle name to mean happiness or joy.
    4. What do you name him? ____________________
    5. What do you name her? ____________________

    A short seven months later, you're pregnant again! You find out you are having another boy. You are put on bed rest for the last six months of your pregnancy and are completely miserable. You are thrilled that you have a healthy son at the end of your pregnancy.
    6. What do you name him? ____________________

    When your youngest is four, you really want another baby, but really don't want to go through pregnancy again. You decide to adopt from China. You and your husband fall in love with a newborn baby girl with big brown eyes. You find out that she is one of three identical triplets. You can't even think about splitting them up and decide to adopt all three. They aren't named yet so you give them American first names and Chinese middle names.
    7. What do you name the first baby girl? ____________________
    8. What do you name the second baby girl? ____________________
    9. What do you name the third baby girl? ____________________

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