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    You are 19 and your loving boyfriend (of 5 years) is 20. You live in the same apartment just off you college campus.
    YOUR NAME: Hazel Margaret Douglass
    HIS NAME: Ethan Matthew Curtis

    When you are 21 and he is about to turn 22, you get pregnant! You go into labor on a beautiful, sunny summer day! Your first baby is brought into this world! She is a baby girl!

    DD#1'S NAME: Magdalen Zoe *Maggie* Curtis

    When DD#1 is 1 and a half, you decide to try for another baby. You end up having octuplets! There are 4 boys and 4 girls!

    DD#2'S NAME: Antonia Yvonne *Annie* Curtis
    DD#3'S NAME: Rosalie Xanthe *Rosie* Curtis
    DD#4'S NAME: Sylvia Winifred *Sylvie* Curtis
    DD#5'S NAME: Matilda Veronica *Tillie* Curtis
    DS#1'S NAME: Charles Ulysses *Charlie* Curtis
    DS#2'S NAME: Augustus Timothy *Augie* Curtis
    DS#3'S NAME: Thaddeus Simon *Teddie* Curtis
    DS#4'S NAME: Benjamin Robert *Benjie* Curtis

    When your kids are 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, and 2, you move to a "mansion" house with 45 BEDROOOMS!!!!! Its practically a hotel!

    3 months after the big move you feel horribly under the weather. You go to your doctor and she tells you that you should be expecting a set of quintuplets in 9 months!!!!! You go into labor during a movie in the movie theater. They came out full-term and healthy as horses!

    DD#6'S NAME: Bethany Quinn *Beth* Curtis
    DD#7'S NAME: Gwendolyn Paige *Gwen* Curtis
    DS#5'S NAME: Crispin Oliver *Kip* Curtis
    DS#6'S NAME: Elliot Nolan *Leo* Curtis
    DS#7'S NAME: Huxley Matthew *Huck* Curtis

    Now, when your kids are each 7 years older, you get pregnant with 17 babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are born at 5 months and miraculously, they all made it!!!!! They were kept in the NICU for 3 months, but they made it! (10 girls and 7 boys)

    DD#8'S NAME: Alba Louise Curtis
    DD#9'S NAME: Celia Kay *CC* Curtis
    DD#10'S NAME: Colette Joanne *Coley* Curtis
    DD#11'S NAME: Deanna Isabel Curtis
    DD#12'S NAME: Esme Helene Curtis
    DD#13'S NAME: Georgiana Gertrude *Georgi* Curtis
    DD#14'S NAME: Kendra Faye Curtis
    DD#15'S NAME: Ruby Elaine Curtis
    DD#16'S NAME: Susannah Diane *Sunny* Curtis
    DD#17'S NAME: Theresa Camille *Tessa* Curtis
    DS#7'S NAME: Aldo Benedict Curtis
    DS#8'S NAME: Fraser Andrew Curtis
    DS#9'S NAME: Jesse Zachariah Curtis
    DS#10'S NAME: Jonah Yuri Curtis
    DS#11'SNAME: Maxwell Xavier *Max* Curtis
    DS#12'S NAME: Milo Walter *Miles* Curtis
    DS#13'S NAME: Truman Victor Curtis

    When everyone is 3 years older, you get pregnant once more with quints! All boys!

    DS#14'S NAME: Amos Ulric Curtis
    DS#15'S NAME: Boone Turner Curtis
    DS#16'S NAME: Fritz Steven Curtis
    DS#17'S NAME: Gage Richard Curtis
    DS#18'S NAME: Grayer Quincy Curtis

    You get pregnant once more for the last time with all girl qints.

    1. Hallie Patricia Curtis
    2. Linnea Opal Curtis
    3. Echo Nicole Curtis
    4. Vada Madelyn Curtis
    5. Meara Lucille Curtis

    Hazel & Ethan w/
    Maggie, Annie, Rosie, Sylvie, Tillie, Charlie, Augie, Teddie, Benjie, Beth, Gwen, Kip, Leo, Huck, Alba, CC, Coley, Deanna, Esme, Georgi, Kendra, Ruby, Sunny, Tessa, Aldo, Fraser, Jesse, Jonah, Max, Miles, Truman, Amos, Boone, Fritz, Gage, Grayer, Hallie, Linnea, Echo, Vada, and Meara

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