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    Re: 40 babies!!!!!!!!! Super fun! (all from you)!!!!!

    O.K. this one is a little lenghty but its cool!

    You are 19 and your loving boyfriend (of 5 years) is 20. You live in the same apartment just off you college campus.
    YOUR NAME: Isabella Emma Whyte
    HIS NAME: Michael Alexander Gorton
    COLLEGE'S NAME: Morton-Moore College

    When you are 21 and he is about to turn 22, you get pregnant! You go into labor on a beautiful, sunny summer day! Your first baby is brought into this world! She is a baby girl!
    DD#1'S NAME: Ava Emily

    When DD#1 is 1 and a half, you decide to try for another baby. You end up having octuplets! There are 4 boys and 4 girls!
    DD#2'S NAME: Madison Abigail
    DD#3'S NAME: Chloe Mia
    DD#4'S NAME: Elizabeth Addison
    DD#5'S NAME: Alexis Ella
    DS#1'S NAME: Andrew Joseph
    DS#2'S NAME: Logan James
    DS#3'S NAME: Ryan Benjamin
    DS#4'S NAME: Elijah Gabriel

    When your kids are 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, and 2, you move to a "mansion" house with 45 BEDROOOMS!!!!! Its practically a hotel!

    3 months after the big move you feel horribly under the weather. You go to your doctor and she tells you that you should be expecting a set of quintuplets in 9 months!!!!! You go into labor during a movie in the movie theater. They came out full-term and healthy as horses!

    DD#6'S NAME: Hannah Brianna
    DD#7'S NAME: Hailey Kaylee
    DS#5'S NAME: Samuel Tyler
    DS#6'S NAME: Dylan Jonathan
    DS#7'S NAME: Caleb Nicholas


    Now, when your kids are each 7 years older, you get pregnant with 17 babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are born at 5 months and miraculously, they all made it!!!!! They were kept in the NICU for 3 months, but they made it! (10 girls and 7 boys)

    DD#8'S NAME: Gabriella Nevaeh
    DD#9'S NAME: Kayla Sofia
    DD#10'S NAME: Brooklyn Riley
    DD#11'S NAME: Evelyn Savannah
    DD#12'S NAME: Aubrey Alexa "Bree"
    DD#13'S NAME: Peyton Makayla
    DD#14'S NAME: Layla Lauren
    DD#15'S NAME: Zoe Sydney
    DD#16'S NAME: Audrey Julia "Aud"
    DD#17'S NAME: Jasmine Arianna
    DS#7'S NAME: Zachary Aaron
    DS#8'S NAME: Robert Hunter
    DS#9'S NAME: Thomas Adrian
    DS#10'S NAME: Cameron Wyatt
    DS#11'SNAME: Chase Julian
    DS#12'S NAME: Austin Charles
    DS#13'S NAME: Jeremiah Jason

    When everyone is 3 years older, you get pregnant once more with quints! All boys!
    DS#14'S NAME: Juan Xavier
    DS#15'S NAME: Luis Sebastian
    DS#16'S NAME: Henry Aidan
    DS#17'S NAME: Ian Adam
    DS#18'S NAME: Diego Nathaniel

    You get pregnant once more for the last time with all girl qints.
    1. Mackenzie Jessica
    2. Camila Faith
    3. Bailey Angelina
    4. Caroline Mariah
    5. Vanessa Molly
    Mom of 4; Slone, Greer, Rhys and Oake.

    Wife to the amazing Jessie.

    I write things on my iPhone. I don't mean to miss words or press two letters at once.

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