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    Boys names to go with Jackson

    So many of my favorites don't work with our last name, Jackson: Owen, Bracken, Grayson, George, Paxton, Maxwell, etc. Our list has gotten really short. Considering the following list, can you make some suggestions that work? Thanks Berries!

    Benedict or Bennett (Ben)
    Darius or Marius
    Edmund or Amund
    Leander (Anders)

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    Re: Boys names to go with Jackson

    Of your list of names that don't work, I think Paxton Jackson is the only one that really doesn't work!

    Of you other list, I like Darius, Edmund, and Leander.

    My inclination would be to go with a short, one- or two-syllable name. We have a -son name as well, and that's what I like best with it. Something more along the lines of Boaz (though I don't care much for that particular name).

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    Re: Boys names to go with Jackson

    The only names you mentioned that I like are Maxwell and Bennett. What about Cormac, Grant, Garrett, Tate, or Beckett.
    I am a Chantal that has never liked her name... at all. Trying to give my children names they - at the very least - can stand.

    Mom to Boston and Piper <3

    Names I love...
    Boys - Grady, Crew, Oakley, Penn, Beckett, Milo and Callum
    Girls - Lennox, Callaway, Arden, Belle, Lorelei, Annabel, Posey, Violet, and Eve

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    Re: Boys names to go with Jackson

    I love Bennett or Benedict Jackson! They are great alternatives to Benjamin which is so tired sounding to me. I prefer these two to your other names.

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    Re: Boys names to go with Jackson

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions so far. One of my main concerns is that I don't want the kid to sound like a president, celebrity, or a law firm. Andrew Jackson, Michael Jackson, and anything reminiscent of Jackson-Hewitt is out. Other names I hadn't mentioned: Coulter, Griffin (does this go?), Grayer (do not like as much as Grayson), Oscar, Harvey... Anyway, Beckett is a good option, though I can't get online with Garrett. Cormac is so unfamiliar to me, it's hard to know whether I like it or not. Also, what about the name Rush? Rushton is a family name, and I would like to use it with one of our children.

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