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    Re: Vince Vauhgns new baby

    No offence to Vince and Kyla, but I dislike this name immensely, and I'm usually pretty open to the whole creative spellings thing. Locklyn (Lachlan/Lochlan), firstly, is a boys name - I'm not saying there's anything wrong with gender benders, but possibly as a middle name? And Kyla is great in honouring her mommy, but with all the y's and the l's, it doesn't seem right. Anyway, congrats to Vince and Kyla on the birth of Locklyn. I pray to God that they give her a nickname.
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    Re: Vince Vauhgns new baby

    What. A. Fail. At least she can go by Kyla...
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    Re: Vince Vauhgns new baby

    This name makes me sad. Locklyn just looks back. It's still Lachlan it's still masculine. Why must names be butchered?
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    Re: Vince Vauhgns new

    I enjoy Locklyn as a girls name. My only downfall for this name is the "y" and "l"s everywhere. Locklyn Kyla. Its just too much, it also doesnt flow well.
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    Re: Vince Vauhgns new baby

    Its horrible for a number of reasons. As many other people have said there are way too many L's & Y's and its a misspelled boys' name. Also, it has the word LOCK in it which bothers me immensely.

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