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    Vince Vauhgns new baby

    Vince Vaughn with his wife Kyla Weber giving birth to a healthy baby girl on Saturday morning, Dec. 18

    Vince and Kyla names their new daughter Locklyn Kyla Vauhgn.

    Itís a first child for both Vaughn, 40, and Weber, a Canadian real estate agent, who married in January 2010.

    Well, yea, Locklyn. WDYT?

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    Re: Vince Vauhgns new baby

    Well....I like Lachlan for a boy. That pretty much sums it up for me.
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    Re: Vince Vauhgns new baby

    I figured it was only a matter of time before Lachlan was feminized. I'm sure next we'll see Declan feminized as Decklyn.

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    Re: Vince Vauhgns new baby

    So many people think that by changing the spelling of a male name (eg.Lachlan) to Locklyn somehow "feminizes" it. This trend drives me crazy. Locklyn just looks misspelled. Locklyn Kyla has too many "y"'s in it and looks made up. I'm not impressed.
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    Re: Vince Vauhgns new baby

    Not a fan. At all. Locklyn just seems cheap to me but I can understand Kyla as a middle name after her mum.

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