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    Re: Guess the Theme! (First & Middle)

    Greek names/ French names

    Calliope Jolie
    Penelope Celine
    Melissa Margaux


    Ariadne Jade
    Catalina Pearl
    Isabella Coral

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    Ariadne, Catalina and Isabella are related with operas! Ariadne auf Naxos (Richard Strauss), Isabella Leonarda (opera´s composer) and The devil and Catalina (Dvorak). And middle names are gemstones!

    Nedda Sapphire
    Bastienne Abalone
    Arabella Topaz

    __________________________________________________ ___

    America Elba
    Fermina Java
    Leona Ireland
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    Pilar, 20, med student.

    Amparo, Libertad, Carmela, Leonor, Sonsoles, Aurora, Frida
    Octavio, Salvador, Vicente, Sebastián, Simón, Tomás, Clemente

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    First names all have to do with "Love in the time of Cholera"
    Middle names are all islands

    I can't do any more names for this!

    Felicity Lavender
    Rebecca Angelina
    Molly Petunia

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    Quote Originally Posted by betzine View Post
    Color names/Biblical middle names

    Esme Ruth
    Ruby Leah
    Nola Sarah

    Elizabeth Cassat
    Emma Okeefe
    Elinor Morisot
    I'm pretty sure these aren't just "E" names; they are also Jane Austen heroine names!

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    American Girl Dolls, LOL // Harry Potter Ladies

    Josephina Nymphadora
    Samantha Bellatrix
    Addy Ginevra


    Genova Clementine
    Ravenna Durian
    Florence Lychee

    I was tempted to do Ravenna, Bryant, Magnolia ... but i thought that was a little too hard (;

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